Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sharing Ways We Save

So my biggest savings this week is going to be preceded by a little, laughable what I call Life Unscripted moment that occurred last week.  My son's bus stop is located at the end of our little dirt road.  We could walk to it but the dirt here is very interesting. I am not sure if it is sand, or clay or what but it seems to really stick to anything it can, so I usually drive him so he stays clean, plus it has been cold anyway.  Well early last week I just threw my bathrobe on over top of my night shirt put on flip flops and drove my son to the bus stop.  I guess I forgot to turn the key off while we were sitting, so the lights on my car were running while the car engine was turned off.  Can you guess what event this might trigger?  That is right, my car wouldn't start.  We only sat for five minutes maybe but my car would not start.  The battery was D_E_A_D! that fast.  I did remember to take my cell phone.  I try my husband first, best friend second, and my nephew last.

No answer from anyone at first, and I sure don't have a set of jumper cables.  They went missing a couple months ago.  I decide to sit there, I am not getting out of the car and walking up the dirt lane in my bathrobe for all the neighbors to see to get to my house.  I call my insurance company only to find out the agent did not add  the roadside assistance that I had requested be added to my policy.  No help there.  Finally my nephew responds ( I mean come on he lives with me)  He does have jumper cables, and he comes and gives me a jump...while laughing at my bathrobe dilemma.  Needless to say...MJ learned to get dressed before she takes her son to the bus stop each and every morning...NO EXCUSES!!!

That being shared.  My nephew looked at my battery and it had a 10/12 sticker on it.  He said that sometimes batteries carry a warranty for five years or more that I might be able to get it replaced for free if I could figure out where it came from.  I Googled the brand and found out that Advance Auto is the only retailer that carries it.  While out doing my errands on Friday I finally stopped into Advance Auto.  My battery did in fact give a reading that it needed to be replaced. It had a three year warranty, so I was in range to have it replaced. I had no receipt for purchasing the battery (I am not the one who purchased it anyway, it came with the car last year)  The guy did a search in his computer, and it was clear by the date on the battery that it should still be under warranty.  He made me a new receipt under my name, and replaced the battery for me for a savings of a whopping $168.99.!!!  I feel really blessed, I had no idea that a battery had a warranty.

That was not the only blessing I received this week.  I got a surprise package in the mail from a wonderful reader and now have some beautiful pieces to add to my Christmas decor, and it definitely brightened my spirits.

The table runner, handmade knitted cloths  (so soft) (my son says they are too pretty and soft to use he doesn't want to get them dirty...LOL) and a Christmas ball filled with candy.  This was from a lovely, wonderful, and may I say talented reader, who was kind enough to share some of her hard work and talent with my family.  It really really touched my heart.  I have made some wonderful friends here on this blog. I really may have to copy cat the candy filled Christmas ball as little giveaways! She shared with me that the ornaments were purchased at Walmart for .97.  You fill them with whatever fits through the opening.  (I hope it was okay that I share about this)

We have one outside dog, and while i place him in the shed to sleep alot of times, there have been times that the weather changes and we are not home.  We had been trying to find an affordable shelter solution for him, and thankfully on a Facebook yard sale type of site we found this.  It was $5.00.  We were definitely able to afford that! (excuse the Yorkie doing the photo bomb...he is not the outside dog.)

On Saturday my kids were invited to a Christmas party and were blessed with some great surprises for them....(way too many but it will be nice for them because I didn't buy many  toys to put under the tree. (We also spend the rest of the afternoon playing with the toys together using our imaginations)

Saturday night I was blessed with a wonderful dinner for my body and a beautiful message for my spirit at a tea hosted by our local Calvary Chapel.

 It was for ladies, so I got to go out and fellowship with other ladies.  It was very nice.  I will be sharing more about the night later this week.

This week we have also been making a few things for Christmas to give as gifts.  I will share about that later this week too.

Do you have alot going on this week?


  1. I am so sorry to laugh at your dilemma, but the whole bus stop/bathrobe/battery thing is just too funny! Of course it would happen that way, right- not at a more convenient time like when you are all dressed and just coming from the hair salon or something. :) That is awesome about the battery though- I didn't know that batteries had a warranty. Thanks for the info!
    Great deal on the doghouse! Your kiddos are just so cute, MJ! It sounds like they are having a nice Christmas already. And the ladies fellowship at your church sounds wonderful! So glad you guys are all enjoying the season. Cant wait to see what you guys are making!
    Last week I feel like I had accomplished a goal- I finished my shopping and can now focus on other things that need to be done. This week I will work on getting the house cleaned, wrapping the presents for the kids and baking lots of cookies. The following week I will focus on our Christmas meal. Other than that I will try to keep up with all the everyday things and spend time with my little rascals. :)

  2. I think just about every mom who has to either take a kid to school or to catch a bus has faced an equally humiliating situation. I learned the hard way to never leave my bedroom without dressing, even if it was just throwing on yesterdays clothes before a shower.

    Great deal on the doghouse! How kind of your blog friend to send you something! It is lovely.

  3. Yes, I will not be leaving the house without some kind of proper attire anymore. Dawn, your being done inspired to have my husband keep the kids and I went out and finished shopping. I reprinted the pictures I need, and I did decide to buy my little girl the doll she wanted. That is it though. Ladies do you know what you are making for Christmas dinner. Anne, I am going to stop by your blog and see what's in your have no clue what's for dinner. The shopping is done though. Just the crafting, baking and wrapping left.

    1. I got my daughter a doll too! That is what she keeps saying she would like for Christmas. Aren't you just giddy with excitement to see them open their gifts on Christmas morning! I love watching them open their presents and get excited over what they receive!
      I am still debating about Christmas dinner. I am not going to be extravagant about it- I am actually still waiting to see how many people are going to be coming to our house. Once I know the number of people I will decide what to make. :)
      Anne always has WONDERFUL recipes on her blog- my mouth usually waters just looking at her pictures! :)