Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sharing ways we save

Surprisingly, I am making this post on time this week...despite the challenges that existed.

I want to thank everyone for their advice and support regarding the situation we have been experiencing with our landlord regarding our leaking/flooding issues.  We have experienced a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts during this issue, and have been weighing lots of different options to resolve the situation.  Temporarily we have a resolution for the moment, but not a permanent fix.  The original slab leak we had has been fixed, but the secondary leak has not.  However it doesn't seem to be leaking if we don't use the water in our guest/kids bathroom.  We have agreed not to use that bathroom, and she has agreed in a rent reduction for the moment.  The flooring has been replaced, we have put finding another place on hold and are extending the landlord some more time to completely resolve the matter and make all necessary repairs to our home.  This brings peace to the house for at least the next 4 weeks.  Very thankfully just a few days before our initial flooding event I had changed our renters insurance from Delaware to Florida, so we have put in a claim for our damaged items.

That starts my list of savings this week.  It isn't really anything I did but we saved $300.00 on our rent this month, and put it towards a bill my husband owes. 

I was blessed to recieve a box of food that contained bread, donuts, 2 pds of hamburger, and some veggies and lasagna noodles.  I also recieved a walmart bag full of canned applesauce from neighbors.

I saved gas since it was spring break this week and I did not have to drive my son to school this week.  I still have half a tank of gas...woohoo!

I met my first fastbreak goal at the ymca and will recieve 8.00 off my membership fee this coming month.

I went to the goodwill, and found 5 pairs of pants for my son, a vcr, a dress for my daughter, and new sheets and bedspread for me, and paid less for all of that then what I would have paid for a new comforter set at Walmart ( i had really toyed with the idea of buying a brand new bed set was so hard not to, but I am glad i went thrifting instead!)

Last but not least, we got a free trip to the zoo with my nephew.  He had a family membership and since his step kids were at their dads, he invited my family to go....We had a good time....

 what a pretty kitty!

That wraps up our week....please share yours, I learn so much from seeing what others do.....for example, i learned I can make dish washer detergent with just two drops of dish soap and baking soda

i also learned you can make your own dish soap......What did you learn this week?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sharing ways we save (a couple days late)

Who needs daytime tv?  My life seems to have more drama then a little bit.  My post is late due to some problems we had that started last week.  My financial efforts are weak because of the events of the week.  I didn't handle any of it very well.

The week started with an apartment flood

now these pictures were taken after we attempted to protect some of the furniture and get things up out of the wasn't perfectly organized because we were still moving in.  But there was a nice sized slab leak in our apartment that flooded us with a few inches of water.  I had complained when we moved in that we could hear water running in the wall but the landlord and maintenance guy ignored it. It has been a long week.  The landlord started in by sending professionals to deal with the issue....decided that was too expensive but it smelled so bad with the wet carpet that we started tearing it out ourselves because she said she would just lay tile.  We get the carpet tore out and low and behold.......

something is still leaking....if runs through my kids bedroom wall and across the floor.  Over a week later still no resolution.  The landlord actually told me that I need to figure out where the leak was coming from.  Hello...not a professional plumber here.  Thankfully a couple days before, i sat down and called Allstate and transferred my renter's insurance to Florida finally.  Boy am I glad I did....all the kids shoes, dress up clothes and all our wooden furniture got wet.

Now that I got that out of my system, here are some things we did to save money.

I joined our local YMCA for the month of March they were having a pay the day special.  Which means the joining fee you pay was based on the date of the day you joined.  I actually joined on the 10th.  So my joining fee was only 10.00 versus 50 or 99.  I get to exercise and my kids get to go to the kids club there.

They also had a member appreciation day on St. Patricks day, we participated and had

Green pancakes, free water, and there were some vendors so we got some free coupons and samples of lipstick!!!!  It was nice.  I also earned 10 Ybucks by participating in the Fast Forward Program that the YMCA offers, and I used that to pay for one month of Karate classes for my son. 

While at the Y event, we were told a local Chick Fil A would be having a family day on Saturday and Aunti L and I took our kids out to the event.

The kids got to roll around the parking lot in giant hamster balls.  We also painted, and ate a free chicken sandwich with a coupon I got from the YMCA event.

My son's school hosted a field trip to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and admission with the school was much cheaper then it would have been if we had paid on our own.  It was 10.00 for me 15.00 for him but that included the school bus ride, and we brown bagged our lunch.

My frugal fails....we ate out some with the flooding issues and having to take everything out of the rooms, our space is so crowded.  It was hard to even get in the kitchen at I used that as an excuse to get take out...and I did not get up with my husband this week, and he didn't pack his lunch.  So a RIDICULOUS amount of money was spent on eating out.  One of those meals was free though, my nephew is a manager at Pizza Hut and he treated our family to a free dinner.

We are at this point searching for another place because black mold has been found in the one we are in, with the Lanlord at this point stating it isn't a big deal.  If she doesn't fix it, we are out of here.  I will box up the rest of my drama and save it for another day.  How was your week.  I would love to hear about it!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sharing ways we save on Sunday

It has been a busy few weeks.  We are into our own place and I am going to share some of the things we have been doing over the last couple weeks to save money.  Moving has been really expensive with all the fees and deposits that have to be paid.  Then realizing you need things like trash bags, and I needed a microwave and crock pot.  I tried really hard to find these things used, but no success.  So i paid for them each brand new.

Anyway.......since we have spent money in other ways, and now we live on our own again, it is really time to get the budget for this place under control.  We have had some issues here like a hot water heater leak, but it has now been fixed.

We are pet owners, and I was blessed to find out that our local humane society spayed and vaccinated our cats for free!!!!!  Both of my female cats were in heat and were attracting strays like this to our house.  They were literally sitting on the patio, fence, and even at our bedroom window.  So to get them spayed was such a relief.  If you have pets that need this service, it may be a good idea to find out if you area has any low cost programs.  (Early fall, my son's cat died after she got spayed) but these girls are doing great.  The Clay County Humane Society did an awesome job!

For entertainment I have been trying to see what kind of free events our community has and we found a couple!!!

We found a small car show outside of a local restaurant one day in our travels.

The school my son attended for pre k about 4 years ago had a free open house and did face painting, tatoos, a bouncy house, and lunch.  It was alot of fun.  And the princess may attend the program next fall for two days a week, but we have to pray and see what doors God opens.

We were also invited to a very last minute birthday party for the daughter of a new neighbor at a local park and we threw together a quick gift out of stuff I found in the house.

The little one really enjoyed it, and we enjoyed the party.

Another thing we did was make our own laundry detergent.  (The last time we made it, the supply lasted for over 8 months.  It is so worth it to make your own!!!)

I made for the first time my own cleansing conditioner, with left over conditioner I already had and baby shampoo.  (works great! and much cheaper than anything bought in store or online I really liked Wen but could not buy it and the drug store dupe was good too but I just need something that cost even less)

Shopped at a local grocery store and got reward points to get .13 off per gallon of gas.

Got a free dryer, and paid 100.00 for a washer

Received a 25.00 reward card from a survey group I used to particpate in, and we used it at Lowe's to get things like trash bags, and some seeds and soil, to plant things like our own kitchen herbs and my son requested sun flowers. 

We also did a kid's clinic at Lowe's and the kids built birdhouses!!! I can't wait to hang them up outside on our fence!!!! These are free classes that you can sign your kids up for.

My kids also attend our local church every Wednesday for Calvary kids club and they eat a pizza dinner there.  Every Sunday after church we eat lunch at church.  So it helps things in the house stretch further!!!!

That is about all I can remember.  What things have you been doing?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days 2014 Decluttering Challenge

 You can read more about this challenge at

So a friend of mine shared about this challenge on facebook....and here are my thoughts:

decrapify is the word of the day.........i have been working on this so i thought over the last few months...but after going from a three bedroom house with an office, great room, and a a small two bedroom apartment ...i need to do ALOT more...I tried very hard as we moved not to take things we didn't love, but I can now see somehow that I kids now will be sharing a room and there room is full...there is room for nothing else if it is going to be functional so obviously something has got to give.   I already filled my first bag for today.  I am not throwing it away, but I bagged it up for donations!  BTW that bag was a very large black trashbag for me.

This is about it for me for day one i am trying to organize the room that my littles will share for now....we won't live here forever it is just a stepping stone but for now it will allow us to live within our means!  So I am excited about using this challenge to motivate me not to let things stay disorganized....who is in?  Go get your bags and fill em now!!!  Oh and i have some pull ups i will be giving away at church tonight tooo since the Princess is all potty trained.  Every bit counts!