Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sharing Ways We Save

Used coupons to get a bogo on train rides in St. Augustine saving us about 27.00.  The coupon was from an entertainment booklet we bought from a fundraiser earlier in the year, so the use of one coupon paid for the book.  There is another set of coupons to do the same thing again, and we will later in the year.

I am very proud of us...we went to St. Augustine and walked our favorite shopping street (St. George's) looked at the shops and spent nothing.  We purchased only consumables at meal time, and the kids had gift cards that covered all but 8.00 of it,(it was at McD's) and because of the wait we got free ice cream.

I was given a bottle of J.Crew shampoo

Used grocery points to ear .25 cents off per gallon of gas.

 Made dog food

I did check the Christmas clearance isle at Walmart...and spent 5.50.  4 items are for gifts next year, and 4 are to use to decorate my daughter's room.  I also bought a Christmas scented thing of wax things that you melt for scent in a warmer.  I was sure to put the decorations to immediate they wouldn't just be sitting they are with the pictures I made my daughter for Christmas.

We went on a date....i traded with another mom time when i would watch her kids for a date if she would watch mine.  We paid for the date with our Christmas money from my mom mom and pop pop...(I know it could have been used in other places, but we needed it...we went on our date during the day while my husband was off for the week.

On our date...we did stop by a local Salvation Army thrift store that has 50 percent off on Wednesdays....we had's the first time my husband has gone to a thrift store with me in a while...he had an eye for things I would not have seen.  That was our last thrift store run done on Dec 31st.  Now we have joined Danielle in the No Spenduary challenge over at

I hope everyone had a great new post is lagging behind...I rang in the New Year from the E.R. I just needed treatment for a kidney infection apparently.  I thought I just had some symptoms of a UTI but as the day went on, I got through our date, and once the kids went to bed...I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep.  I am happy to report that $30.00 in prescriptions later, I feel much better.  We are still working to recoup our "Pig Sty" but one thing, one day at a time.  How has the New Year been for you so far?


  1. Glad you got your date! It is a necessary mental health thing every now and then. Also glad you are taking your plans one day at a time. It is the only way to attack life!

    Hope you feel much better soon and good luck on no spend January!

  2. So glad that you and your husband got to go out (sweet picture!)
    Way to go on the savings this week. That's a great price for gas! I really like what you did on the wall in your daughter's room! And you are awesome- you already got gifts for next Christmas! Nice! :)
    I am also really glad to hear that you are feeling better. I had a kidney infection when I was a teenager and all I remember was a lot of pain!