Thursday, February 19, 2015

Life Unscripted- An update and a challenge

I shared my 2015 goals here

Today I began working on the part about my health.  While I have not made a commitment to lose weight, I have made a commitment to myself to start taking better care of myself. 

This involves getting a list of check ups from a few specialists.  Today I had my first appointment on that list.  I had my skin check done with a dermatologist.  I have not had a skin check in a few years.  I am supposed to have one yearly at least. (I have not had one in a few years)  I am very "moly" ( I probably spelled that wrong.)

When I was 22 I had my first experience with a dermatologist.  It was discovered that I had an irregular shaped mole with a white border growing around it during a visit to my ob.  My ob suggested I see a dermatologist.  I did, and I had two biopsies.  I did not thankfully have skin cancer however there was a presence of abnormal cells.  Thankfully they were all removed during the biopsy.  There was another one that I had to have removed down to the root to remove all the cells.  Fortunately since then, any biopsies have not been abnormal.  I did have to have two moles removed from my back today.  The results will be back in 2 weeks, and I am to report for a skin check for now every six months. 

Here is the challenge part.  I know that sometimes each of us put ourselves on the back burner because we are working to take care of our families whether inside or outside of our homes.  Sometimes life gets in the way of us looking after ourselves.  When was the last time you took a look at your skin.  You look, and for the parts you can't see find a trusted friend, your spouse, parent or doctor to look it over. Check your scalp, behind your ears, between your fingers and toes and even those extra private and sensitive parts.  See if you have any concerns.  Make an appointment to see a dermatologist or your family doctor. 

Now for me the dermatologist is not the only specialist I need to see.  I have also scheduled an appointment with an endocrinologist, a gynecologist, an ENT doctor, and a gastroenterologist.  Chances are you don't need to see this many specialists.  When was the last time you had a regular physical with your doctor just to see how you are doing.  Take time for you, make the appointment.  NO Excuses! Got small kids, ask a friend to babysit them, can't get a sitter, ( I can't always.)  pack a little activity bag for my little girl and she plays in the extra chair in the office while I get seen.

You are important, and I know sometimes co pays or deductibles can be expensive, but there are ways to cut back expenses to pay for any medical care or check up you may need. 

I hope I have not bored you to death, but take a minute because you are important and loved to look after you.  Is it time for a check up?

I was all proud of myself for taking first steps in a better direction, and then when i got home I stepped in dog poop, found out I missed my cardiologist appointment which was apparently also today (whoops)  And I googled the address for my dermatologist before I left the house, and it turns out their website needs to be updated, it lists an old address.  Thankfully the receptionist at the place I went to knew where the new office for the doctor was.  I hope your day has no lumps and bumps and is smooth and easy peasy!

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