Thursday, March 5, 2015

Getting Stuff Done

Today was a day that the sun shone brightly so I took advantage, and was out at 7 am.  In a little over three hours I had by God's grace gathered all of this up

At least half of it was stuff that was left over by my nephew.  I did finally finish going through all the stuff they left behind.  I found two more shirts for my son, and one for my daughter.  A shirt for my husband, and a box of practically brand new sweaters that will be used by someone I am just not sure who yet.  I also cut a few buttons off some clothes that were garbage.  There were also a  nice small pile of clothes that I gave to my bestie for her daughter.

All totaled there were 7 bags, one target, and a microwave that are out to the trash pile for this coming Monday.  I am happy the task is off my back, and I no longer have someone else's junk taking up space in my space.  It feels good to get it done.  It has been hot here in the afternoons the last three days so I got up and got my work done this morning.

Apparently there are starting to be little signs of Spring around here.  I found these little fragrant beauties on the ground near our fence line. I don't know what tree or bush they fell off of.

So that was my eventful day and I cleaned out our van a little (I still need to wash it and vacuum but that will have to be another day)

How was your day have you completed anything today or this week that you were putting off.  Come on Buttercup...suck it up and get it done!!!!!!  I know you do alot of things that go unseen, and maybe even unappreciated, but God sees, and

What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow.

 Martin Luther
Tomorrow I have two doctor's appointments, finally seeing that endocrinologist I was supposed to see last year....and my regular doctor for chronic pain in my back.  I also have seen the cardiologist recently.  I got a good report.  My EKG was perfect this time, pulse in the 60's and he does not need to see me for another year.  My skin biopsies came back, and I do have some slightly atypical cells, and will have to have a recheck in six months.  No surgery necessary right now.  I am checking off some of my about you.  You are beautiful, loved and important.


  1. What an inspiring and encouraging post! :)
    You sure got a lot done today. That's great that you were able to salvage some of the things your nephew didn't want. I'm sure the people you pass the items on to will be blessed by them.
    I am also happy to hear about your EKG results- how wonderful! Good luck on your appointments tomorrow and I will keep you in my prayers for your skin cell issue.
    I have been trying to stay on top of things that I feel like putting off. I see my endocrinologist in April- not looking forward to the testing, etc., but I know it's necessary.
    You are right, MJ- we wives and mommies are usually so busy taking care of everyone else we sometimes forget that we need to take care of ourselves a bit too, don't we. :)

    1. You are so right Dawn, we do often put ourselves on the back burner. I appreciate your prayers. I will pray for you as well for your upcoming endo appt. I am glad you are working to stay on top of things. It can be hard to do especially when it comes to things we don't want to do.
      I hope you and your family have had a good week.

  2. You got lots done in the sun. We stayed in today, we had more ice and snow during the night & this morning. But it was great, since my husband couldn't work today, he couldn't get away from me. So I have new shelves that he built in one of the guest bedroom closet. I also got him to go through his side of our closet, and the coat closet and ended up with 2 garbage bags to go to Goodwill, a few tshirts to cut up for rags and a few things just to throw away. I also cleaned out my top kitchen cabinet above & beside the stove. So I feel pretty good about what I accomplished. I didn't want to waste my day off work either. Enjoy the sunshine and send us some warm weather in Ky.

  3. My kids miss the snow. They liked to play in it. I am so happy your husband helped you and got those shelves up and built. What a blessing I am sure that is. You got alot accomplished! I will try to usher the sunshine your way :) Hope you guys stay safe and warm!