Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sharing Ways We Save

This week was busy.

I didn't realize that it was time to take my biggest dog to the vet for her annual check up.  I was blessed in that last years rabies shot is good till 2017.  The dog only needed one shot so the trip was only 15.00.  I also had gotten two coupons in the mail so I got two free doses of Nexguard flea protection (one each for two different dogs.)  I am excited about that.  My husband and I had discussed flea prevention for the animals, and we have so many that we decided not to spend the 600.00 it would cost for the three inside dogs, and instead I bathe them in Dawn dish soap and use a flea comb often.  This will give me a break for a month for two them.

My friend has been continuing to go through her mothers item since she passed 4 months ago.  She allowed me to have a wonderful ceramic trash can that will go great in my guest/kids bathroom.  We have sort of a beachy theme going on in there.  She also gave me a small hamper for that bathroom that is the perfect size for that space to conceal my kids dirty clothes.  She aslo had a whole gallon of paint she did not need and I took that off her hands and will use it on some upcoming projects.

From the same friend we traded/and I purchased for a couple of bucks two items from her for a birthday party we were invited to.  They are gently used, but I think they look great.  We bagged it up in a large paper brown bag that I had on hand .  Better to stimulate a friends pocket than a large chain store.

I finally made it over to the local Salvation Army which has 50 percent off of most items on Wednesdays and I picked up a few more things.  I spent 16.00 for everything.  Some items were as little as .50.  This will probably be the last thrift stop for a bit (I think I mean it this time...lol) because I have some project work to get done, and pictures to hang up etc before I bring in anything else.  At least I am bringing in things I really love.  I found a great Kirklands picture frame new in the box that will make a great gift for my best friend's birthday.  It was 2.50.

We really wanted a stuffed crust pizza, but every time we order pizza out we can easily spend 30.00 if it isn't Little Caesar's, instead I found a stuffed crust pizza in Walmart's fresh deli section.  I spent 8.98 and served it up with apple slices and pop corn.

We also purchased three hens and two baby chicks from a local fb yard sale site.  This lady was the cheapest I could find to get some females.  (Did I mention the chicks we got seven months ago all turned out to be roosters....and all they do is cockadoodledoo even at 1:30 in the morning....).so I found someone that had older chicks that are definitely hens.  She was half the price that our local monthly swip swap farm meet place charges.

Last Friday I saw my endocrinologist, and we have come up with a plan for treatment of my diabetes ( I am so happy in almost 12 years she is the first doctor to give me goals, and she even typed them out for me so I can look at them each day,) that included two new medicines.  The office gave me a card from the maker of the medicine that will reduce my co pay to 25.00.  The other nice thing they did was give me a free sample to get me started.  When I saw my regular physician later that day she gave me another sample of the same medicine.  That in itself was a savings of $50.00.  The new medicine has side effects and I am having some trouble adjusting.  I had meant to get this post up sooner.  Better late than never.

We also went to a local community event sponsored by a historical society of some sort, we did only free things and did not spend a dime :)  We got some great new pics to hang on my kids walls!

I hope that you had a wonderful week and that this week is super awesome and sparkly too!

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