Monday, March 23, 2015

Life Unscripted...Our Spring Break =A total bust

Well the last time I wrote I was hoping to make this past week all about fun and be able to enjoy the week my son had off from school....

We all know life does not come scripted so that we know what is around the next bend....I had a great day last Friday went to the cosmetology school and got my hair colored and cut and was pretty excited.  I got a couple of red box movies and prepared to have 4 kids in the house for a sleepover.  We watched movies ate spaghetti and had a great Friday night.

Saturday morning, I woke up sick...and so did my son bless his heart....he ran a fever and had a nasty case of pink eye in both eyes it turned out.  I didn't get him to the doctor until Monday when he was given an antibiotic and eye drops.  He was sick most of the week.

I ended up having to see a gastroenterologist after all and have a big bunch of scary to me tests to have done in the next couple weeks.  I stopped the new diabetes medicine that was causing pain, but the issue didn't go completely away so we suspect there is an underlying cause.  Let me tell you that fear of the unknown can be crippling and emotionally draining so I have not been in a good mood nor up to the tasks of every day life.

The house is still reflecting the presence of the 4 kids from last week, and that it has been a rough week this week.  Dishes are all over the sink and counter.  I managed to wash only what we needed to use throughout the week.  No one has picked up after themselves.  It just isn't pretty.

Other misadventures for the week included our van needing repair (thankfully though we found a mechanic shop, our insurance paid for the towing and the repair was only 136.00 and we had the cash to do it.)  The stray dog that we took in around the holidays killed one of our our baby chickens and my son was devastated as he was the one to discover it.  He was extremely upset and I still don't think he has forgiven the dog.

Sunday though was sort of a chance at daughter and I traveled to a town called Perry here in Florida with my best friend and her daughter for a gymnastics event.  It turns out though that her kids were feeling a little nauseated the past couple days so there were barf buckets for the ride (which thankfully no one needed)  We survived and had a little daughter got her face painted

 My husband and son had a "guy's day"  They went to the movies and saw the Sponge Bob movie and looked around at the local mall and a couple other shops.  It turns out they had a really good time, and I was so happy that my son got some special one on one daddy time (because my hubby works alot)  and had a little fun on his spring break. (even if it was the last day.)

 I came home to this sweet surprise.  I have not had roses in a very long time.  I was super surprised, my son picked out the necklace and they had cleaned off the table from the weeks disasters and had dinner waiting.  We had for the first time in a while, dinner as a family at the table.

This morning my son comes to me with a big stack of papers that include a fundraiser, spring pictures, and a note saying he needs snacks for fasfa testing that starts tomorrow.....after being off all week, now I have to take care of it all off to the grocery store my daughter and I go....but I did find out the store closest to me does all their mark downs on Mondays so here is to checking those out.  I am sure there will be some dish washing and laundry in there some where today too.....

What is your Monday looking like?


  1. Sorry for the household sickness. It is a double bummer when it comes t Spring Break. Hope all is better this week. The flowers were lovely and coming home to dinner would be fabulous!

    I don't have a bunch of kitchen mess to clean, but I have laundry coming out the ears and still have to clean the upstairs after having the entire family here for the week. So why am I putting it off?

  2. I tried to comment and it dissappeared. Sorry spring break didn't go as planned. I wish you well on the tests and hopefully the drs can get you some answers you are searching for. Sweet hubby and son to get you flowers and jewelry, and make dinner. Hope everything gets better this week.

  3. thank you ladies. Anne, I hope you enjoyed your family visit. I am unsure why we put things off, but I do the same thing. Vicky I am sorry your comments are disappearing. I am unsure why that would be happening. Thank you for the well wishes. I do hope and pray for answers. My guys treated me well!

  4. Hey MJ! Sorry that your spring break did not go as planned. I hope you guys are all feeling better- we were hit hard with the flu too over here so I can empathize with you. I will be praying for you while you are dealing with the tests you have to go through. I know things like that can be scary- I've been there so I really do understand how you are feeling. Just keep reminding yourself that, even though sometimes things feel like they are out of control- the Lord still has everything under control. That is always such a comfort to me. I'm glad that you and your husband got to have nice family time with our kiddos. And how nice of your boys to treat you to roses and jewelry- what wonderful gentlemen! My son also brought home a million papers from school wanting money for this and that- groan! My Monday was spent cleaning up from the weekend, doing some grocery shopping, blogging, cooking and baking cookies. Fun, fun! Hope you have a great rest-of-the-week, my friend. :)

    1. *I meant to write "I'm glad that you and your husband got to have nice family time with YOUR Kiddos." LOL. :)

  5. I hope you guys are feeling better too Dawn, sounds like our Monday was similar to yours......I appreciate the reminder about God being in are right I needed that reminder. We did enjoy our family time...things have been strained with me not feeling good and his work hours...he had 72 hours in one week. Enjoy your week!

  6. So sorry your spring break turned out bad..but happy you had a good ending.. How sweet of hubby and son to give you flowers/necklace and fix supper.. That is very nice..
    Hope your having a good week.judy