Monday, May 4, 2015

Sharing Ways We Save

So this was another epic week, not because of anything I did, but we received some awesome money saving blessings!

I always read and usually link up our savings here.  Last week a couple of the readers there talked about how they seasoned their cast iron cookware.  My husband and I have been discussing how we were probably going to have to start looking for cookware.  I had a duh moment.  I have had two cast iron skillets that I acquired when we lived in our apartment over a year ago.  They have just been sitting in my cabinet and I almost got rid of them in a de-cluttering session.  I was able to dig those out of the cupboard and look up how to get rust off a cast iron pan and season it.  The process worked great, I used the pan several times this weekend.  No purchase of cookware necessary!  Before you go out and purchase something new, when you have a need or want, I really want to encourage you to pray about it and look around you may have something you could use already to fill that need or want.



While cutting grass this week in the yard we found some beautiful wild flowers.  My daughter and I picked them and brought them in to be a centerpiece on our table.

We set the table with some fancy glassware that we got from yard sales last weekend.  I picked up some ice cream on sale at Winn Dixie, and made some brownies and we "ate fancy" in our own home.  (I am finding that sometimes I do enjoy being creative in my own kitchen.)

Friday night we had some game time and we made some pop tab jewelry using some supplies and broken jewelry I have had on hand for way too many years.  (My son is interested in this now as a hobby and wants to see if we can make any extra cash!)  If not we will have some great gifts when needed.


It seems as if yard sale season is in official full swing here in Florida.  We went through a sub division just to look around on Saturday before my daughter's dance class and we saw this wonderful item sitting on the curb with some other stuff.  It was sitting at the curb as if in the trash pile.  (My husband has been wanting one of these for the last year or so at least, but I just could not find the right one for our budget)  My husband was excited to see it, so I told him to pull over and I would knock on the door of the house and see what was going on with the weight bench.  The guy who answered the door said everything was FREE for the taking!!! Talk about the desires of even my husband's heart being answered.  We now have it set up on our front porch as you can see!  We also snagged a radio, and a pretty sparkly silver basket from the curbside stash.  It has been used by everyone in just the two days we have had it!  (I have talked about Curbside pickin before)

My husband was given by a customer this wonderful item that had also been on our wish/want list

We have now spent a few minutes almost every night shooting some hoops!  This weeks blessings have just been sooo amazing!

In the kitchen we made cheesy mashed potato ham bake

I received my mother's day gift early, and went to the local cosmetology school to get a hair cut and color.  (I always save so much money by going to the cosmetology school.)

As a family we went out and washed all the vehicles in our yard on Sunday.  There was alot of fun had splashing and playing in the water hose.  The vehicles looked so good that I may have to add washing them to our list of things to regularly do.  (No we do not regularly wash our cars, if they get washed it in the past it has been through a car wash...however I have seen the sparkle, and I like the shine)

This was our EPIC WEEK!  How was yours....did you have any unexpected blessings?


  1. Congrats on your week! We have had many blessings this week, different blessings, not physical ones. But blessings nonetheless!

    1. I am happy to hear you had many blessings this week! The menu your way looks absolutely delicious, I may have to try some of those recipes, and your to do list is very inspiring!

  2. Wow, you did have an awesome week!! Your flowers are gorgeous, and that dessert looks yummy! We had some health issues in our extended family that had us at the hospital and doing extra work to help those left at home, but things are looking better, so we were still very blessed this week. All of your freebies and yard sale finds are so great. I would like to go yard saling, but I'm trying to cut back instead of adding to. And I'd probably find something I'd think I couldn't live without, so I guess I'll stay away from yard sales and thrift stores a little bit longer. I hope this week is as good for you as the last one. It's great to hear you so upbeat!

    1. Vicky, we really did have a great week. Those flowers were such a surprise, and they really did brighten the place up! I am so sorry to hear about the health issues with your extended family, but I am sure they are so blessed to have you be able to help. I can understand avoiding shopping to make sure to not add to things when you are attempting to decrease. I am trying to walk the fine line of both....we shall see how i do ....Have a great week! I do struggle so much with depression, but I am working on a heart change kind of attitude!