Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sharing Ways We Save

In the kitchen we made...chocolate chip cookies and blue berry muffins from scratch

This week was teacher appreciation week.  I am not usually prepared for such things, and there was zero cash left to spend once we were made aware. My son pulled out our jewelry supplies, we experimented (all of us as a family, it was so much fun to be creative together) and he eventually found an idea that he liked and he made her a bracelet in camouflage colors.  I found in my closet some Thank You cards and he wrote her a great note and included a picture of himself.  This is not as elaborate as some may have done but it was simple and I have no doubt with the love he put into it, was be extremely effective.

I was treated to lunch at Olive Garden over the weekend and we turned one meal into two.

A customer gave my husband a very nice table saw, and a pair of saddle bags for his motorcycle.

I saved .05 a gallon on gas using the fuel perks program at Winn Dixie.

My daughter and I attended a free play date at the local pre school my daughter will attend during the next school year.  The VPK program is free and a big deal here in Florida.  I received some wonderful unexpected blessings, we planted sun flowers in a small pot, made a couple of drawings, we recieved some other trinkets like candy, and memo pads.

I also received an unexpected blessing from a new friend's ministry that contained note cards, a beautiful box to store things in, some note cards and other embellishments that I cannot wait to use.

I also completed my first official (one I am happy with after some trial and error pop tab bracelet.)  It is a hobby that I am hoping may eventually bring in some extra cash.  This one is more of an example or model, I will keep it for myself because I used charms my grandmother gave me.  She was my best friend and passed away almost 9 years ago.  I used a key chain charm with her name on it as well as some other charms she had gifted me years ago when I was into jewelry making.  No matter how little she had she always tried to think of others and she supported me somehow in all my endeavors.

That was pretty much it for the week.  I guess we have been using the A.C here in Florida more, because my electric bill went from 134 last month to 152 this month.  I was disappointed because I had been making real effort with opening windows in the morning, turning off things were were not using.  I guess you can't win them all right.

How was your week? My post is a day late due to a sick kiddo yesterday...today is wash the blankets and get the funny smell out of the house day....  Have a great one!  I also always share over at www.theprudenthomemaker.com and I newly discovered.....

Frugal Friday


  1. Another great week for you! The bracelet is lovely also>

  2. Thank you Anne! I hope you are having a great week....

  3. Sounds like you had a great week! That was smart thinking on your part to make something for your child's teacher- and a nice way to spend some family time together. Very nice bracelet, MJ! I've never seen anything quite like it before- and I love the sentiment behind the charms- Lovely! Hope your little one is feeling better today!

    1. Yes Dawn, my guy is much better today...I would have given him today off to rest but he said he wanted to go to school. Thanks for asking. I really like the bracelet too. I can't wait to make more....I would like to eventually take them to a local craft fair type event....we shall see if the Lord leads. Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

  4. Sorry your child is sick..Hope he is better soon.
    Making the teacher the gift was fantastic..How wonderful that you all worked together towards this gift.. I know the teacher, loved it.
    Sorry your light bill went up..that is a bummer..But, don't get discouraged.. Probably the higher temps caused it...Just remind yourself, it could have been even higher , if you hadn't been doing the saving ways [hope this helps you feel better, -- I try to remind myself of this.ha

  5. Thank you Judy, he is much better now. I appreciate the encouragement....i was pretty bummed about the electric bill, but you are right without the efforts put forth it probably would have been higher. We are hanging in there, going to try to turn the thermostat up a little to see if that lowers next months bill. It's only going to get hotter as summer approaches.