Monday, June 1, 2015

Sharing Ways We Save

We have survived the first full week of my husband's unemployment!  There have been many online applications and resume's submitted this week, but no productive employment or interviews obtained yet.

As far as saving, we have tried to be conservative by turning the thermostat up to 79 and using fans when necessary instead of turning down the a.c.

We participated in the food giveaway at the local church, you can participate every other week.  This will help stretch what we have.

For entertainment, we visited the library for books and movies.

We also attended a birthday party where the kids got to play on a water slide and were provided lunch.

A friend paid my husband 20.00 for cutting her dog's hair.

I made biscuits from scratch and they were actually good, I just need to cut them thicker next time.

We have continued to lay our clothes out to dry on the porch and on hangers (broken dryer)  Sometimes they were so stiff that they were crunchy...I have found that a squirt of hair conditioner with a little vinegar and water ( in the fabric softener compartment) softens them and helps with remove any sweat smell since the weather has gotten so warm here.

That about wraps up our week.  How are you doing?

Adventures and mishaps for the week...this guy disappeared for a week.  I shared his information with Animal Control and on Facebook etc.  We were so worried.  It turns out he was stuck in a 60 ft tree on property a street or so over from us.  Someone posted it on Craigslist.  So happy he is back home...thanking God!  (two weeks ago the other cat we adopted from the shelter a couple months ago died)  So  we are really relieved this guys made his way back home.


  1. Congratulations on making it through the week. Soon you will find the other door that is wide open!

  2. I am so glad your cat came back, maybe not the very next day, as the song goes, but so happy he/she is home.

  3. Sending prayers for your husband , in his search for a job..
    So happy you were able to find your cat, and he was ok.
    Sounds like you did a great job this week.. Best wishes.

  4. Thanks everyone, yes I was quite worried about the kitty....So elated he is home. We are hanging in there, I believe in God's promises in his word. We are making the best of our extra family time!