Monday, June 8, 2015

Sharing Ways We Save

We have now survived two weeks of unemployment. We had a little savings and some wonderful blessings this week.

An Aldi recently opened in our area, we were on the way home from a pre employment drug screen and we decided to stop in.  We were able to make 22.00 go so much farther there then we could of at any other grocery store in our area.  Eggs were 1.29 bread was .85 and tp was .50 for 4 rolls, pasta .33.  (just a couple examples of items we picked up.

In the kitchen, we made hot fudge pudding cake, cinnamon rolls, and biscuits from scratch.  We have gotten creative in the kitchen making meals like lasagna soup, everyone has agreed to have an open mind.  Almost everything has been a hit.

School is officially over, my son's teacher sent him home with some things that have been a wonderful blessing as snacks for the kids, pop tarts, breakfast bars, and cookies.

Friday was National Doughnut Day, so we went to Krispy Kreme and each got a free donut.

My son had a friend spend the night, and his mom sent some chicken nuggets and cake mix, which we used to prepare a mostly free to us meal!  I just made mac n cheese.

On Saturday we had a free lunch at the Sr. Center here in town.  When I went to say thank you to let them know how their service makes a difference in our lives, they blessed us with 4 sandwiches, and 3 cups of soup to take home with some fresh fruit.  (best cherries I have ever tasted!)

I remembered the bread basket that a church does every Saturday, and they were finishing up, but we were still able to get some fresh delicious bagels, a bag of hamburger buns, and a loaf of wheat bread.

We all also went to the library as a family.  We found out we each can get a library card and we got tons of movies to watch.  We will also be participating in free summer reading events.  If you are looking for something to do that doesn't cost anything the library is a great resource!

Lots of board games have been played.  We seem to really be enjoying things, and though there are some fears it is nice that my husband isn't so worn out from his job that he is able to willingly and with a good attitude be an active participant in the family.

As you can see there have been many wonderful blessings that we have received this week.  I also may possibly have a job.  I accepted the offer because they are the only company out of all the applications. (over 20) to call back.  My husband received one call back, but no job offer yet.  The job offer I received is 45 minutes to an hour away from where we live.  It is full time, but will not start until June 22nd which means no paycheck until July 10th.

Another great blessing was that my son broke out in hives, that were really severe, hot, and swollen, we were blessed to find out the kids have Florida Kidcare even though we lost our regular insurance and we were able to take him to the doctor.  Two days later he was in severe abdominal pain, and tears and unable to lay down.  We prayed, and took him to the E.R.  his symptoms improved with some medication and the hospital let  us come home!

It was recital day for our princess and thankfully we had paid for all of that before unemployment occurred and she did great!  We enjoyed wonderful entertainment!

Mishaps.....I almost couldn't complete the pre employment drug testing.  I went in ready to go, and there was not enough product for them to measure.  So I had to wait an hour and a half.  I drank at least a literal gallon of water and still felt like I could not go.  I prayed and asked God to move, low and behold after that I filled the cup, and then wouldn't you know I could go constantly after that.

The stray that found us in December got out on a main road, thankfully he was not hit, but someone else picked him up (a friend saw it but she didn't know our dog was missing so she did not say anything) When she got to the house though and realized the dog was missing she told me how someone had picked him up in their car.  We decided to let that person keep him.

Our electric bill this month increased by another 50.00.  Extremely counter productive in our current situation, but we are doing all we know to cut expenses.  

So how was your week....I hope you are counting your blessings!

I always share this over at the prudent homemaker  and I must give Brandy a special thank you without her list I would not have had some of the things in my pantry to cook from scratch, and she has some great recipes!


  1. Wow, I think you had an amazing week! I know the stress and worry of unemployment can take its toll mentally, but all you seem to be managing well and heading forward in a positive way! So proud of you! Have been praying that your situation will get better and one or both of you can get a job soon. All your from scratch goodies sound so yummy. Hang in there, and keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you Vicky for the prayers. It means so much. We are definitely trying to be positive!

  3. So happy that Aldi's opened in your area, and you were able to get those bargains. Also happy that you may have a job.. Praying for you and hubby.. May God bless you during this time.

  4. Thanks Judy we are fairing pretty well as I pray you are too

  5. Hope everything is going ok for the past week, been checking to see if you'd posted yet. Hope the job situation has improved. Praying for your family.

  6. THank you for thinking of us Vicky. we are still surviving! Appreciate the prayer so much