Thursday, January 14, 2016

Power in Acts of Kindness

Let me tell you that you have POWER!!!!

We all have the power to make a difference in someone's life regardless of our how much we think we do or don't have. You can absolutely impact someone's day with an act of kindness.

Whether it is sending someone a reminder to take one more step in their walk with Christ, and sharing a Bible reading challenge, or mailing a package full of mugs, and hot choclate and candles to a family you have never met in person.

You never know how a delightful scent of a burning candle can lift a spirit when a case of the grumpies have kicked in when someone has had a bad morning.  When those cups might be used to steal a moment with a daughter on a day it's is just her and her mom, and they take a break and enjoy some hot chocolate together.  How a woman who is unfaithful in her time with God might actually take the Bible Challenge and reminders you give her and place them in a Bible next to her bed so that when she wakes up in the morning she is reaching for her Bible and not her cell phone to look at social media instead.  How paying for the person behind you in a drive through line might bless a husband who was going to pay for his own lunch but you paid it for him and it became a special blessing for him, a way that he could see God had reached out and gave him just a little touch of love.  How his heart might be lifted because you could never know the struggles he might be facing or how defeated he could be feeling.

Maybe your grandchildren are grown and you have a teddy bear and a pillow they used to snuggle with while you read to them that they don't want and you pass it on to some little girl or boy you met at church, and that little girl is going to love and hug on that bear and sleep with it every night.  Maybe there is an old race track and hot wheels that your kids outgrew but there is some other little boy you walk past every day or maybe just once in your lifetime and you pass it on and he gets hours of joy just sitting and playing in his hallway.

Acts of kindness such as these have made a wonderful difference in my life.  I know I can never thank everyone who has touched my life.  There is power in acts of kindness both big and small. I just felt like that needed to be shared today.  Hope you are having a great week!

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