Monday, January 18, 2016

This weeks savings, blessings, unexpected happenings, and revelations

So how was last week for you?  Any challenges I can pray for on your behalf?

Attempts at saving:

I mentioned last week that I am working to be more intentional with my children.  My daughter is in Pre K and I have been leaving it to the teachers to do all the teaching. I am not sure that she is where she needs to be for Kindergarten next year, so I downloaded two free apps onto one of our Nooks.  One is for learning letter recognition and writing, and the other is for sight words.

I also downloaded the Proverbs 31 First 5 app to add additional bible study time for myself.  (The app is also free)

My friends was tossing out a couple of notebooks I thought might be helpful with my planning and for writing down prayers etc since most of my supplies are in storage.

I cleaned up my daughter's sneakers to breathe a little new life into them.  We bought them at the beginning of the school year.  Just washed them off with a little Dawn dish soap and a rag, and they look a little nicer.

I stayed on budget for pet supplies.


My friends father is a widower so he had purchased some chicken tenders for himself but being alone it was far to much for him, so he brought them here to her house along with some actual fresh from the tree oranges. (This was a wonderful snack for everyone.)

The friend we already live with gave me a ride to all events (my kids have to be driven back and forth to school right now, and my son had an awards assembly, plus we needed to go shopping.)

Unexpected Happenings:

Our van broke down.  Monday morning. We got it back Friday for a repair cost of about 351.00. (thus the reason for the rides everywhere.)  We are blessed though that it was fixable at first the mechanic couldn't figure out what the problem was.  My husband also made enough to cover the repair (normally his paychecks wouldn't have been enough it could have taken us up to two weeks to pay for the repair)  We have towing through our car insurance so there was no out of pocket cost for that!

We were planning on having ham, beans, and rice for dinner one night.  I was cooking the beans from dry ones we had brought here with us.  I burned the beans.  Complete an total flop.  Instead we used left over chicken and made chicken salad with nachos and cheese sauce for dinner.  (I can't lie dinner still turned out pretty good.  We ate the ham another night with macaroni and cheese.)

The nice new jacket I purchased for my son a couple weeks ago has been lost.  There have been some days when he needed a thicker coat in the mornings because the temperature has finally changed.  I have honestly had to tell myself it is just a jacket.  It is replaceable.  It is just a thing.  So I have prayed instead that it would be found and at least used by someone who needs a coat if we cannot find it.  I don't want it to sit somewhere and just rot.  In a bag of clothes given to us by my nephews wife on Christmas eve we found another thicker coat which I washed up and it has worked just fine.  I do need to put something on the zipper like a handle.  I found a key ring I hope will work.

I shopped with a grocery list, but deviated a little even though I know better. So I went about 36.00 over my planned budget for this particular trip, but not over the monthly budget for groceries. A bag of apples here, some goldfish there, you get the idea.


You can't force someone to seek God.  I can only do my part.  I don't have to be everything to everyone.

That about wraps us last weeks happenings.  This week I have a doctor's appointment to see if we can identify a particular issue with my health that is extremely aggravating, I pray it doesn't turn out to be life threatening.(I worry alot....losing my mom as a child left scars.)  My husband also found out this morning that one of his coworkers is in a coma from a motorcycle accident.  I do not know if this man was a believer in Christ or not, I can't imagine the things his family must be going through.  Prayers appreciated.


  1. I have been reading the Proverbs 31 women's devotions each morning too- aren't they wonderful?! :)
    That is great that you saved the notebooks from being tossed and how you renewed your daughter's sneakers- very frugal! My kids are so hard on sneakers.
    I love how you write out your blessings and revelations- that is something that you can always look back and ponder on in the future. :)
    I am so sorry to hear about your husband's coworker's accident. I will keep him and his family in my prayers.
    My daughter will be starting school in the fall so I try to do some things at home with her now to kind of prepare her for that. I have gotten some really great educational workbooks from Dollar Tree- they have a nice assortment of different kinds for the preschool/Kindergarten age group. There is one in particular that she enjoys- it focuses on writing letters of the alphabet- she loves it cause it has the Disney Princesses all over the pages. :)
    I will also be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, MJ. I hope the doctor will be able to give you answers to what you have going on or be able to reassure you that all is well.

    1. Good morning my lovely!!!! I really do enjoy the Proverbs 31 devotions! One night last week my husband and I were talking about some personal concerns I have and the next morning there was a devotion that addressed them. I will check out the Dollar Tree for workbooks the next time I am there, I know my daughter is a little resistant to learning she just wants to do what she wants when she wants (don't we all.) Thank you for the prayers. My kids are hard on shoes too...especially because of playground stuff I think. Hope you are having a great week.....

  2. Great job on being thrifty.. Shoes look great. SO sorry your son, lost his coat.[this happens with kids...but still worries]
    Sorry about your husband's co-worker, will pray for him.
    Sorry about your van tearing up, proud you were able to get it fixed.
    Praying for your housing situation..Know it is hard for you and your family. Hugs.

  3. thank you judy, it was a tough week but God got us through.