Friday, May 13, 2016

A Simple Redo

I got this idea from Judy at Sew Blessed Maw a while back (she is so creative I wish I could sew) and just finally got around to doing this project.

I made the original wreath a couple years ago and it was alot of work to wrap all that yarn around the wreath.  That day also brings back good memories with old friends.  I did not want to throw it out but we move alot (as you all know) and it had gotten dirty and I just wanted to bring some new life to it.

Here is the original

I went to the dollar tree and purchased these items from the craft section

I added everything to the wreath except the bird which will be used for something different. It turned out like this and hangs on our laundry room door.

I went back to the dollar tree and saw they have big butterflies so I may later add one right in the center but I didn't make that move yet. Have you crafted anything lately?


  1. Very nice! I am crafting but not for me. I am making prototypes of potential Christmas bazaar sellers for a program I volunteer with.

  2. thank you so much... You are so sweet..
    Love your new wreath..Looks adorable.
    We have been moving , trying to get settled , so I haven't done any sewing or crafting..Hope to get that going again real soon.. Hope you and family have a blessed week.

  3. Great job! It's so much fun to refurbish what you already have, especially when there are memories attached to it.