Monday, May 23, 2016

Crafty moves

Late last week a friend and I got together and we made some teacher gifts for the end of the year. MY DAUGHTER GRADUATES PRE K ON TUESDAY THE 24TH (shouting with excitement!)

For my son school does not get out until the 3rd or 4th of June but we are taking him out a week early for vacation. We are planning a very special road trip.  

Those are the reasons teacher gifts needed to be finished now.

Here is a picture of what we did.

Here are some other items we made.

From the first picture the Harry Potter notebook is something my son had and never used but he knows his teacher is a we glued a sparkly ribbon inside to be used like a book mark. She will also receive one of the pop tab bracelets I made along with home made chocolate candy.

Other teachers are receiving home made bulletin boards...made from burlap and broken jewelry trinkets. Teachers aids are receiving home made candy along with butterfly notebooks someone left behind.

We mostly used what we had with the exception of the burlap which was 5.97 (i still have enough burlap to make a couple boards!) and foam board which was .74 . Everything else I had on hand. Oh and I also purchased a homemade pair of button earrings made by Hooyah Creations..with the Florida Gators for $4.00.  All the note cards I already had on hand from a gift I was given several months ago.

The middle bulletin board photo is for my prayer/office corner...I decorated it using a broken necklace from my mother's things. And a heart from a piece of jewelry my husband bought me that broke.

We also made my daughter a tiny one to hang in her room. That is the one with the owl fabric. We cut up and old shirt and I glued on a pair of my mom's old earrings. Pearls from something my mother in law had given me before she passed, and the sparkly butterfly is from a ring I no longer wear. (It's a gift for her graduation)

All said in done we are blessing about 10 people. I am super excited to get it out of the house. 

What have you been up to?


  1. congrats to daughter on her graduation..She is adorable.
    What lovely gifts you made for the teachers.. Have a great trip.