Monday, June 6, 2016

My current situation

Looks like this.....
I need to put things away from our road trip, (ahem, my hubby was nice enough to "unpack" the bags for me this morning in the manner that you see above as he needed underwear for work)....which turned out completely different than planned.  I will tell you that after this trip that MJ is a horrible house guest :(  

The family we went to see was completely wonderful.  We went to meet the beautiful Brown family, and if you don't know Mrs. Brown posts over at

We have been talking via text/phone for a while now.  They relocated from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin.  We had never been to Wisconsin, we were super excited to go and saved our money.  The trip there was not too eventful, we saw cities, and wonderful countryside we had never seen before. On the way we stayed in a small hotel called Regency Inn in Eddyville, KY.  It was a wonderful hotel.  The staff was friendly and they served a simple hot breakfast in the morning.  We drove about 20 hours and made the trip out to meet this wonderful lady and her family.  They so blessedly opened their home to us. 

We arrived at the Brown's shared a wonderful meal of chicken, carrots, and some wonderfully yummy mashed potatoes.  (They have a beautiful home....Dawn, you should totally do a home tour.)  The second day got off to a good start. Our kids had spent the evening before exploring, and playing etc.  Half way through the second day I thought I was just tired. So I went to lay down, and took the normal medicine I take for my stomach.  I was called for dinner but then my nightmare began, I became very ill.  Gross stuff came from what seemed like every imaginable place in my body, I spent most of three days in bed ill. I don't know what I contracted, but it was unkind to me.  I had trouble feeling better, and then my baby girl got it.   So we cut our trip short.  We left on Thursday and began a long trip home.  We left Thursday and didn't get home till Saturday.  My princess slept with a fever alot in the back seat.  I was so worried that our illness would spread to their family. Though it was circumstances beyond our control, I felt terrible about what had happened. I am sure I made a terrible first impression, and I wonder why things like that seem to happen to  us.  In my mind I caused so many moments worthy of a Life Unscripted post. 

Anyway....I don't have beautiful pictures to share and tons of fun events, but I did enjoy getting to know our new friends.  We did get a day where we got to go thrift shopping together, and we shared a lunch out.  Our hosts were so loving and kind, even took my kids out to a local spot called Knuckleheads to play while I was down for the count.

We got back from our trip on Saturday the 4th at about 1:30 EST.  My daughter and I seemed to be recovered now, and so far the boys have felt weird but nothing has progressed.  Now this Monday afternoon we have some thunderstorms going on due to whatever tropical storm is coming along.  I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys summer. 

I invite you now to share your worst road trip house guest memories...with me.....please make me feel better........leave a comment below :)


  1. Glad you got to meet Dawn and family, but so sorry you were sick!

    1. It was definitely an experience....meeting them was wonderful though!

  2. OH...I feel so sorry for you Mj. Know this was a nightmare for you..I thought I was the only one that this kind of thing would happen to? lol
    Try to not feel bad..You could not help the bug hit you and daughter.. But know , being a visitor made you feel even worse. Dawn is so sweet, I have visited her blog.. I know she would be so friendly and caring..
    Take care..hope everyone else is ok and no more of this bug..