Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Savings,blessings,and flops.

I had wanted to make these posts weekly. I have been unable to do so because of problems with the blogger app. I then figured out how to blog using the website on my phone instead. Ultimately my husband just decided to get internet only from Comcast. Hopefully posting will become more regular again.

This will be a lengthy post on things we have done over the past month to save funds.

My husband cut his and the kids hair. (Rumor has it another cut will be taking place tomorrow son wants to shave his hair off for the summer!)

I watched the electric meter like a hawk and when I saw we were quickly approaching the budgeted amount, I did my best to make adjustments to keep us from going over. I am pleased to say we will be right at budget. I am going to experiment and try to come in under budget next month. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

I found out I had a 5.00 reward at Petco from past purchases. It was about to expire and I don't shop there regularly because their prices can be high. I was in the area and stopped in. They had canned cat food on clearance  for .70 (good deal coming from them) I purchased 8 cans and only paid .29 out of pocket.  The kitten only needs half a can at night so it should last a while.

We frequent the local libraries alot and get movies. We have also started getting Dvd sets from there and are watching Ncis and The Mentalist from their beginning seasons.  Otherwise we watch antenna tv.  We watch the ME TV channel alot and H and I so we see alot of classic shows like Rawhide with Clint Eastwood and a bunch of other westerns.  I also like Mama's Family and Mash.

I found some jewelry on sale for 2.00 left over from mother's day and I purchased two sets to put away for birthday gifts. One for my daughter and one for her best friend. Both have November birthdays. Not pictured are some neat journal sets in Frozen and Minions. I paid a dollar a piece and put them away for frugal gift giving as well. I purchased like 5 or 6 of those.

I really wanted to purchase a new table but I finally with encouragement from a friend, drove to get our old table from an outside storage area and it was covered in yuck but we used peroxide,Dawn, and vinegar to scrub it down. It's just as good as it was before.

I stopped thrifting  and yard saling the last couple weeks.
This blanket was a beautiful  unexpected blessing. A king size quilt that someone gifted to me because she knew I was looking for one. She found it at a yard sale and only paid 5.00. I tried to pay her for it but she refused. What a huge savings though. I looked at some on clearance and they were still 60.00.

My husband was given a box of stuff a customer didn't want from an attic clean out. This was my favorite piece. I loved cabbage patch dolls when I was a kid. I washed the pillow and dried it. (It had still been in its wrapper.  My husband kept some other cool things that I will show when I share our living room photos. Each kid picked something they liked too.

I cashed out a 5.00 gift card to Walmart from Swagbucks and have been working diligently to earn more.

We are also breeding our own meal worms so we won't have to spend any more money to feed the lizards. We hope to plant and grow our own collard greens to feed them too.

Flops included a little food waste including some apples and peanut butter dough for home made candy we tried to make.  There was another almost huge flop or mistake we began to make but I hope to tell you about that and the lessons learned from it tomorrow.

I almost forgot, I was cleaning the lizard cages and we use sale papers as substrate for one of them. I got to looking at the paper we were gonna use and it was full of coupons that I could actually use. So I clipped them.

I have not done that in forever.  We are getting ready to take a road trip on Friday so I have purchased all the snacks I could think of as well as refilled all medications. Cleaning of the house is being done today. School is over for my daughter....we survived PRE K and the graduation!

Praying God's provision and blessings for you this day!


  1. The quilt is beautiful and a blessing. Have a safe trip.

    1. Thank you Vichy we love the blanket!

  2. Beautiful quilt.. What a blessing.. God is awesome.
    You have a lovely family. Hope you all have a wonderful trip.

    1. Thank you Judy. Are you done with the move? Yes we are so blessed!

    2. We are moved. We sold our house and closed on May 5th.We are slowly getting things in order.ha
      I am going to start posting photos of the house on my blog. My internet is slower out here [in the country]... But , learning to live with it.ha [hard to get my swagbucks though.
      Hope the kids enjoy their summer vacation from school.

    3. Thank you. As long as they don't completely drive us all insane I look forward to summer vacation. So glad you got moved! I hope you enjoy the new place, can't wait for photos.