Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ways we Save

I started making DIY paper logs using the weekly ads that come in the mail to use for our outside fire pit, and hopefully to stock up for winter, since we do have a fire place.

I also have been collected dryer lint and toilet paper rolls (empty) to make fire starters

I returned something at Walmart and it allowed me to pay for toilet paper.

Cashed out another 5.00 in Swagbucks and used it to pay for an item for my son's present for his birthday in two weeks.

I have been working Swagbucks and Bing like a part time job still. (if you sign up using my link, i do get a bonus from your earnings, but it does not take away from your earnings, and it may be something your friends or family might be interested in so you could get referrals as well.) After all pennies turn into dollars!

We signed up for a free month of netflix....we won't have to start paying till end of July. (we don't have cable just antenna tv...so this is a nice change.)

I prayed and I believe the Lord brought to mind this guy we know, and he was able to fix our car....I only had to give him 30.00 to do the labor.  The part was 115.00 but our bank offered a reward of $10.00 cash back on the purchase.(We have to as a friend says "juggle" some things around in order to pay for the part but we will catch up.)

I used ebates to purchase the part we need for our weed eater through ebay so there should be some cash back there.  We borrowed my friends electric weed eater and my husband spent an hour and a half one day clearing part of the yard.

Since the car is running again, we were able to go to the bread basket and we got several loaves of bread, a couple containers of cookies, an apple pie, chocolate donuts, and a chocolate cake. I am excited because that takes a little baking out of my week.

While at the bread basket we went to the church's thrift store, and you can fill a bag for a dollar. I found 3 pieces of clothing for my daughter that I will put away for back to school. (i doubt we will be doing regular back to school shopping at least not for clothes this year.) Each child also picked one toy and I got a very large picture frame that I will paint and redo as a special project for my son for Christmas.

I have been using baking soda and two drops of Dawn dish detergent as cleaner in the dishwasher.

That is about all I can think of. We are doing all we can to make it stretch. I still haven't gotten around to sharing our complete story from our trip but I am working on it. (it explains how we ended up in a hole again)  When I first started blogging I thought we would be in such a different place by now, but I suppose you all get to see real life.  How was your week? I am running behind with the holiday and my husband having a three day weekend I lost track of which day it is.


  1. Had to laugh at your loosing what day it was , due to Hubby being off for the long weekend. We do that too.. since we retired and you never write the date down.. We will have to look at the calendar or our watch to know what day it is..ha
    So very happy you got your car fixed.. God is awesome, to bring this man that you knew to mind, and generously was so reasonable in his charges.. KNow this takes a big burden off you.
    Great finds at the church thrift store. and proud you got to go to the bread basket..[what is this.bty]
    I am making cinnamon bread, [ not sure this is a savings???] but DIL gave me a bread starter that takes 10 days, and then you make 2 loaves of bread.. She said it is wonderful. Me personally.. would rather just make my bread /cook it and be finished.lol Since she gave it to me, I must try it.ha
    Also , found some July 4th sales and got barbque sauce 68 cents, Kraft mayo [with coupon] for 2.19, hamburger /hotdog buns for 68 cents. So I bought several to stock in pantry.
    Have a blessed week.

  2. Hi Ms. Judy, the bread basket is a program hosted by a local church and they give away bread cakes donuts bagels etc...donated by different places, lots of times the bagels and baked breads are from panera.....the cakes and donuts are usually Entemanns....(sp?)It is open to any family who wants to come. You can donate a little money if you have it but they do not turn away anyone who does not. Cinnamon bread sounds wonderful. I am not very good at making bread though. Let me know how it turns out. Looks like you got some great deals to stock up on that pantry! I hope you guys are enjoying retirement!

  3. The Bread Basket sounds like a neat idea.....it sure helps with the grocery bill I am sure. I cut swiss chard and green onions out of the garden. I used leftover potatoes to make potato salad.
    I don't always keep track of the date either so I often write the wrong date on cheques! Good thing I don't do that too often! Marg

    1. The bread basket does help with the grocery bill. I am so glad we were able to get the car fixed and go.potato salad sounds yum! Yay for you being able to grow and harvest things I hope to achieve that one day.

  4. Glad you found some things you can use at the church thrift store! Sometimes it feels like once you plug a hole in the bucket another one springs open. Just keep plugging!