Sunday, July 10, 2016

What we are eating

Matthew 6: 27  Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?
Monday July 4th

Bkfst:  We ate the rest of the scrapple :(  just in slices and plain.  We fried it in a pan. I like mine crispy. You can eat it anyway you want. Alot of people eat scrapple egg and cheese sandwiches.  You can also have it on the side of your plate with eggs over easy and toast.  If you freeze it the texture is crumbly, so we have mixed the crumbles in with scrambled eggs and put it in a wrap before.  Rapa is the best brand in our opinion. We can't really get scrapple where we live.  If you order it in a restaurant, they deep fry it, but it ends up being pretty much too hard to eat.  When we would go out to a place that has it, we would ask for it to be cooked soft on the grill.

Lunch: Easy bake oven Pizza (made from DIY mixes)

Dinner:  Hot dogs, (buns from bb) mac n cheese, and the last of a cucumber smothered in Italian dressing and Parmesan cheese.

and later more hot dogs, mac n cheese, chips, and water melon....

Tuesday July 5th
Bkfst: Bagels and cereal.

Lunch: Left Over Mac n Cheese (at least what didn't get spilled in the floor, it sure made the dog happy)

Dinner: Chicken soup with rice and green beans thrown in....(homemade)

Wednesday July 6th
Bkfst:French toast casserole, made using ingredients on hand, including a loaf of french bread from the bb, and some eggs in the fridge that don't taste so good on their own for some reason but seem to do great in baking.

Lunch : Summer Break Spot lunch at the local park for the kids. I usually glean whatever is left over.

Dinner:  Hot Dogs, Cream Corn and i know its weird but popcorn too....

 Thursday July 7th

Bkfst: Pizza bagel for me made from stuff on summer breakspot

Lunch: Summer break spot at local school (getting to hot to eat in the heat at the park.) Me: fried bologna and cheese sandwich

Dinner:  Chicken fajitas-made using a recipe from a friend that involves salsa and taco seasoning, I had to improvise because I didn't have any salsa but I did get canned tomatoes and have onions from an old old grocery store trip in the bin in the fridge.  I used this recipe to create a version of salsa, shredded the chicken and cooked it in it, and made home made tortillas.  I liked the salsa recipe because it readily showed things that could be subsituted for ingredients you may not have on hand.

Friday July 8th
Bkfst : Cereal

Lunch : cinnamon bagels with pb for the kids....bologna and cheese for me and the hubby on choice of bread or bagel from bb

Dinner: Soup: contained elbow macaroni noodles, chicken bouillon, garlic, salt, some bits of celery and carrots gleaned from kids lunches at the park, and a can of peas.  It tasted pretty good.  I also sliced up a loaf of cheese bread from bb and toasted it with butter.

Saturday July 9th

Bkfst: Left over french toast casserole, cereal

Lunch: left over soup from Friday night and onion rings. I found some onions in the bottom drawer 

Dinner:  Spaghetti noodles with olive oil, parmesan cheese, and some shredded chicken.

Snacks/Desserts: Remains of chocolate cake, apple pie, angel food cake with strawberries, bagels.

Sunday July 10th

Bkfst: Fried potatoes with ranch or ketchup if wanted

Lunch: Popcorn and ginerale

Dinner: McDonald's, it was an unexpected treat for my son's birthday which is Friday the 15th.

With the $7.00 we scraped up from loose change and a return we picked up more pepsi (because my husband felt like he had to have it. A really cheap 3 lb bag of cat food and two loaves of bread.  My grocery total is now running 157.30.  I am trying so hard to spend as little as possible.  Gotta make it through until the 28th.  How did you do this week?


  1. DOing a great job.. Know its hard.. Smart idea to make the salsa.. sounds good. Have a blessed week.

  2. Thank you Judy, holding on by an emotional some minor health issues flaring, gonna pray, research and push through. Hope you have a great week too!