Monday, December 12, 2016

Sharing Ways We Save

and what we have been up to.  So I was not feeling so festive, but that is me every year.  Slowly starting to get there.

In order to have internet I qualified for the ATT 9.95 program. It is for all low income families.  There are no equipment or connection fees. I pay 9.95 plus tax.

I have absolutely been avoiding using the heat or ac because the weather flip flops.

We had a selfie for a shake promotion at work. I have had like three free peppermint chocolate milk shakes lol.

To decorate for Christmas, a friend let us borrow a tree.  We decorated it using the ornaments we had.  At the bottom of the tree is a train set that my "dad" gave my son when we went up to say goodbye to Belinda when she entered hospice care over the summer. I think he did a great job setting up he added some hot wheels and little houses we had around the house for decoration.

We painted and decorated wine bottles and put some Christmas bulbs in a bin to make a table centerpiece.  And of course we are using the wonderful table runner that a beautiful reader sent me a couple years ago.

My son spotted a fire place set by the side of the road and I was thrilled cuz we do have a fire place, and we have had a couple of fires.

We were also given some snow flake ornaments and we hung those from the ceiling along with some of my old records for something different. I am planning a night of baking and dancing in our winter wonderland.  Cookies and candy are going to be our teacher gifts this year.

After much consideration.....I have decided to select a roommate.  You will see him sort of in the fire place photo.  Yes I said he....yes that is a source of tension for people who have opinions, it is simply a matter of two people living together paying bills to keep a roof over our heads.

I am home making my son a Christmas gift which I hope to give you a peak at later this week.  I am almost done, but my daughter has surgery on her teeth tomorrow, and emotions have been high with all the changes in life and sometimes it is hard to get things done.

That about wraps it up for now.  I colored my own hair, and the school blessed us with a few gifts for the kids since a part time pay check only goes so far.  I feel like God is giving me favor despite some of the choices I have made and now have to live with.  How are all of you.  Have you decorated?

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  1. Your tree looks lovely. I'm sure your children will enjoy the holiday season as long as you're together and they know they are loved. Simple is better most of the time!!