Monday, December 19, 2016

Sharing Ways We Save

along with all the abundant blessings!!!! It's a daily struggle adjusting to a new life even with a new roommate...financially life is interesting.

My daughter had surgery on her mouth and a friend came over with a small bag of feel better treasures...a little mirror, some jewelry and clothes.

I picked up an extra hour at work today. I really am happy to have a job!

I went to the company Christmas party, and ended up with a 10.00 gift card to the Olive Garden, and a tin of Christmas popcorn.  It was fun.

We were supposed to bring a $10.00 gift.  I really didn't have the cash to spend but a friend shoved 10 bucks in my when she was leaving...(I was just going to gift a set of my jewelry.)  I took the 10.00 to Michael's craft store.  I bought a cup.  Saw the price was 13.00 but knew it would be under 10.00 with a 40 percent off coupon.  When i got to the register that sucker was $3.50.  Score!!!!!  (No one has to know I only spent 3.50 the cup had a value of 12.99!) Used the rest of the money to purchase the creatology cups that you can paint and bake because my son wanted to make one for his dad, I made one for my roommate, and then my daughter made one for my son for Christmas.  So that $10.00 went far. 

My friend dropped off another bag of clothes for my daughter and several pairs of shoes, there was also a purse and a book bag in there!

For teacher gifts we did cookies, with peanut butter candy home made, and one teacher got a pair of my Christmas cutie earrings! nothing spent there .

I earned two 5.00 virtual visa cards for some research things that I apparently participate in and used it to pay the internet bill.  

Google play gave me a free $3.00 credit so I downloaded two songs!

Cut off my cell phone so I save 25.00 a month.

I donated blood today and received a $10.00 gift card to Publix, and I used it for toilet paper, dish soap, and laundry detergent.

Still using no heat or air.  Been pretty hot lately.  Trying go get the electric bill way down!

In all honesty, I am so scared, only working part time, I am afraid that I won't make enough to pay my part of the rent, but I work for a great company that will work with me on the hours I need since my kids are in school and child care is super expensive.  One day at a time is how I am taking things.

Tomorrow or Wednesday I hope to show you guys the home made gift I made for my son for Christmas!

I have a wonderful long distance friend in New York that was super sweet and has sent each of the kids a big item they wanted for Christmas! It was so awesomely sweet of her. I have to be honest, my son as we decorated the tree, that a friend let us borrow, said he is now aware that Christmas is not all about gifts, and he attempted to share the meaning of Christmas with his sister.!  Hope you all are doing well and staying debt free for Christmas!
What did you do to save?


  1. You are doing great saving money. It is awesome to see the little blessings God has brought your way.

  2. Love the ways you saved. I'll be praying that you can meet your part of the rent. It sounds like you have wonderful friends.

  3. Praying for you.. SO happy that you are finding ways to save.
    Your friends are fantastic.. Merry Christmas.

  4. MJ,
    You have had many blessings from God this week. I think Christmas
    miracles:)You can Google rewards gold,Mercury magazine and free biz
    magazines and sometimes get free magazines for doing little surveys
    if you need any last minute gifts. Never ever give them your Credit card info. then the magazines are not free. You probably
    know about universal life line and free cell phones they are free in Cali not sure about Florida. You are in my prayers.