Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You can't always wait on someone else to do it for you.

So as I mentioned in my profile, my husband and I work for the same company, he drives a tow truck for them I  rent uhauls and we can work together from the same building...it's usually just me and him and I get to take my baby girl with me everyday and my son when he doesn't have school.

Well i have never driven a Uhaul truck...the size of them scares me...i stand there thinking surely i will crash into something or run it over. I had a 14 ft box truck come in this morning and i thought well i will leave it where the guy parked it until the J-man comes in and let him move it and park it in the right place.  Well i decided i needed to get over myself what if one needs to be moved sometime and he isn't there...after all this is my job too right.

So i plopped my two year old into the cab with me (to make sure if i ran over anything it wouldn't be her)  and fired up the engine...backed it up which was a little awkward for me to use just side mirrors....i really need a back window and then usually i am still not so great at backing up.  But it paid off, i backed up the truck...parked it and that was that. So maybe next time it won't be such a big deal.

Another thing I did today, was take our garbage to the transfer station.  To me that is a man's job, but let me tell you ladies, if you have to do it you can.  We cancelled our trash service during the months when the Jman lost his job and started working for the towing company and the pay was slow.  110.00 is what it cost in our area for three months of service.  Well we happened to have containers from some previous trash company that have been here since we moved in, so I used them as trash containers and they were super full. I have learned my lesson i will not fill them that full again, but what was i to do.  Now my hubby did help load the trash into the truck, but I drove it to the transfer station...again back up to the window it goes in and dumped away.  It was gross, it was smelly, and i definitely needed a shower when i was done. Our two year old was in her car seat in the back of the truck and for once she wasn't screaming or begging to get out.  I did struggle with one trash can and bless his heart a guy on the lower deck of where i was dumping my trash saw me struggling...and I am not kidding he came leaping and bounding over the wall thru the window i was backed up to and he hopped up there to help me.  He did it expecting nothing in return it was awesome. I thanked him.  I don't know his name but it was awesome.  I finished unloading and paid and left it cost 18.48 for probably close to three months worth of trash to be taken to the transfer station....much cheaper then the 110 to pay someone.  Lesson learned: no matter who takes your trash off...whether it's your hubby or the sanitation men, we do not appreciate what they do enough, or even the guys who work at the transfer stations they work in that garbage all day.  And you don't have to wait for someone else to do whatever it is that seems impossible....you can take the trash yourself and have a new appreciation for your spouse :)

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