Tuesday, June 11, 2013

too much at once

Hubby is telling me to do one thing at a time. I am finding all the changes I am trying to make overwhelming...hubby is telling me to calm down.  To pick one thing and focus on it.  That is soo hard for me.......I am randomly active i bounce around from thing to thing.

So in effort to take his advice though, We are still making progress with the budget but i have discovered some things to be difficult and hubby says it is a work in progress. (i sware around every corner seems another loose end to tie up)  However at least we have had the funds to take care of those things as they have come up and we aren't completely broke...so that is a nice change...to not have an empty account from pay day to pay day.

 He has also told me to focus on only one homemade thing at a time.  So this week I made home made cinnamon bread in my bread machine.(my kids usually eat the pepperidge farm cinnamon swirl bread)..it was wonderful i should have taken a picture...cuz when i attempted to make a second loaf it was a total flop...can't figure out what i did wrong....except maybe forgot to add the butter...but would that make that much of a difference...idk.  No more attempts on homemade bread until i can go grocery shopping...I am almost out of everything.  No money till the 15th for groceries though...so i am trying to research and be creative with what we have in the cupboards. 

Oh and after the landlord letter and all the emotions that go with it we worked really hard to make progress on the yard....do you know what happened a tree...very large tree branch fell on the house and onto the side the yard...the side we cleaned up! 

We are still waiting for the property owner to find a company to clean it up...but i was so disappointed...do you know how much debri will be in the are we cleaned up already...at first i was so upset and was like see this is why i don't do anything i try and something goes wrong...but i was able to turn off that same old record playing in my head....and decided it was time to "change the music" and instead give God thanks that no one was hurt and it appears that there was no structural damage to our roof...however it did motivate me to get that renters insurance we had never had but i made room for in our new budget.  I also switched insurance companies and saved about 15 a month between renters and an auto policy....so i felt that was an accomplishment.

I also ran for the first time in a long time...that's right all 261 pds outside at 530 am flopping around....it hurt pretty good that night though so i didn't run today...i may try tomorrow morning.  I feel like i am trying all these things and not getting anywhere...Oh well....hubby is trying to tell me not to give up...but in our history that is always the easier thing to do......Tomorrow is another personal day off and hubby and I get to take it together.....so we are both getting bloodwork done and I am having an eye exam (dilated) taking steps towards knowing where exactly i stand with my diabetes...etc...and working my way toward that 130.00 reward card my insurance is offering for getting those tests done..woot woot!!!!

Oh and here is my little tip for the day.....all the books and blogs i read talk about research research...do your research....well when doing that online I try to use the swagbucks website at www.swagbucks.com

and i earn what they call swagbucks sometimes after i have done a search and can use them to redeem bucks for merchandise or anything else in the "swagstore"  I usually get Walmart e gift cards....I haven't used it as much as I could have this year and I have still made about 20.00 in e gift cards in the past six months.  With all my research though I intend to start earning more regularly.  You can also earn swagbucks by taking surveys and a bunch of other things....it might be worth your time to take a look at it.


  1. I have a 2 week pantry only menu here: http://theprudenthomemaker.com/index.php/menus/strictly-pantry-menu Hopefully that will help you!

    Keep trying with the homemade bread. You'll get it!

    1. Thank you....i have been reading your blog as well...and have been observing alot and trying to take notes. thank you for the encouragement....i definately feel defeated at times...but it's just the beginning...thank you for the pantry link!!!!