Saturday, July 27, 2013

A week of solutions!!!!!

So this week has been pretty great in my opinion.  Vacation really gave me a renewed vision, I came back relaxed and rested and had a much needed break from the domestic things.  So I have a whole new outlook and vision for the house.  We have some decluttering to do...starting with getting rid of a big table in the great room so i can make a reading nook for us and the kids.

So this week I made the dog a bed out of an old blanket, It was a nice Nautica blanket or something but it was left in one of the Uhaul trucks and we needed to throw it away, It had a bunch of holes in one side with stuffing falling out.  So i cut it up and washed it.  Then a few weeks later I finally cut up the blankets ends...folded it over a few times and tied the cut up ends together.....i think it turned out nice. 

I went grocery shopping at like 8 o clock at night with both kids and survived.  I saw a post for freezer breakfast sandwiches over at   so I made some but I did Canadian bacon ones..... and i used block cheese and i did not use the liquid egg stuff...i put 12 eggs in a bowl added a little milk, whisked it and then followed her instructions for cooking them...12 eggs still cut into 15 pieces

They have been a hit....I made 12 sandwiches and I froze them it has solved the problem of having breakfast available when i a rush...much cheaper then the 14.00 i can quickly spend in one trip to McDonalds.  Hubby would always come in to work starving because he is rushing when he gets a call and didn't take time to make himself something to eat, and wanted a solution from me, and now I have one!  Good news is I won't have to make them again for another week or two!!!

We have two extended birthdays this week, we decided to go homemade to conserve funds after a 350.00 car repair, and I have a possible health issue that may require surgery so I want to make sure we conserve funds and are prepared if I have to miss some time at work. 

Pop Pop (Mr. B) is turning 61 tomorrow and he has rented the caboose for some steam train in PA so we are all meeting in the morning and 25 of us are taking a train ride at noon!!!  We made him some Ginger cookies (actually my handsome 8 year old boy made them!!!!!

I packed them in a take out container from a local pizza restaurant and had the kids make a home made card so no extra funds spent there.

My husbands Aunt Vi is having a birthday as well, we will not be attending due to our other plans but hubs will so we took another picture from shutterly that I had not used of a picture taken at the birthday party/family reunion last year and framed it with a frame I scored at a thrift store for a buck

 I also had a breakthrough in personal time management I discovered some organizing tips over at   and I printed out her template for Time Blocking and I have been using it for two days now, and it is working for me, I have accomplished much....and it has helped me stay more focused.  And it helps me to really plan a project instead of hoping i remember to do something or that I have time for it. 

Oh and for myself I found some press on nails i had bought weeks ago and forgot to use I took 10 minutes to put them on....just for fun  A few weeks ago I found these at a Claire's outlet.  I enjoy them!!!!  So that was a quick minute just for me, then I painted the Princess's nails for her.  So all in all a good week. I will do a separate post tomorrow or Monday about the activities we planned for our days really was a great week!  Oh and I also did the picture clock project in my previous post.  So I feel like I have been a busy and productive problem solving girl this week.  What about you?  What have you been up to?

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