Monday, July 22, 2013

Avon Picture Clock

So being an Avon rep I get sneak peeks at upcoming items that will be available in a future brochure, and often we have a chance to purchase these items at a "demo" price so that we can purchase them, and show them to our customer etc.

Well I had a credit on my account (thanks to some wonderful customers who placed orders) and this clock caught my eye.  It basically holds wallet size pictures or smaller.  I had wanted to do a more home made project like this with individual frames, but let's face it I can only handle so much home made at a time, so this was pretty and convenient for me.

Here is the before 

It happens to go with the colors in my house because half the house is in a sea foam green kind of color that I would like to change, but I don't have the ambition so I am trying to embrace it and just decorate.  Anyway here is the Avon Hanging Picture Wall Clock that will debut at 24.99 in brochure 17.  I went through the house to find pictures that were meaningful to us that I had not put out.  I have some pictures I have printed from just laying in envelopes around the house.  I realized I didn't have alot of pictures of my husbands family out.  So I placed in the frame pictures of various family, both his, mine, and a picture of us when we renewed our wedding vows almost 10 years ago. 

I didn't take pictures of the rest of the process...but the clock seems to be a nice construction, the backs of each individual frame were easy to remove, each back has little pegs that hold each picture in it's place once you put in in the frame.  It runs on one double a battery.  I used the white papers that were in each frame as a template to cut my pictures to fit.  I then hung it on the wall in what we call our living room over our family picture.  I then got some scrapbooking stickers out and put a simple phrase on the wall.

I literally just put the stickers on the wall and they peel off easy should we move, or I want to change the phrase.  It says Worth Every Second.

I love it.  It was just the creative project I needed.  I also got to bless my husband with it...I am learning to keep my house on purpose and with a purpose :)

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