Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another week is almost over

It is Saturday 5 pm and here we are

all packed and ready to go.  It is finally here, we are headed to Rhode Island for the next 4 to 5 days. I am almost certain I have forgotten something....but I have no clue what.  Got extra batteries, the camera, busy things for in the car.  I set a budget, I know we will spend a little for my son's birthday celebration.   Monday is my son's 8th bday. We have no hotel expenses because this is a business trip for Aunti P and we are sharing her hotel room and watching her daughter while she works. The hubs does not get to make this trip.   We are waiting for the hubs to get in so we can have some family time before we leave tomorrow morning at 530 am.   I am a little bummed that the hubs isn't coming but maybe it will give us a chance to miss each other a little and appreciate one another when we get back! 

This week had its good things like the trip to the dollar tree and the things we did with some of those items, and I also came home finally to the new (free) air conditioner that we scored two weeks ago.  The people installed it and taped it up good so there are not leaks and they gave me a cover for winter.

I was so excited that night when i got home because it was not hot that i cooked a real dinner for a change, and I also made home made popsicles : recipe

they were delicious the kids loved them...but we ate them all and I am not making anymore before we leave.  I also made home made granola and yogurt

Here it is I made it!!! The granola was the for my yogurt i went with the greek time i might let it culture longer and i like to add strawberries and a little vanilla with a little raw sugar on top.  My little ones ate it hubby doesn't eat yogurt.  I also got that recipe from the Prudent Homemaker blog.

The challenges this week brought us was that our car that we just got out of the shop (right after the truck broke down) is broken again, the brake lines are frozen or something.  However my boss was super nice and let us drive one of his truck this week, I just have to pay for gas.  So that was a blessing.

I guess that is it.  Thanks for dropping in and reading.  I hope each of you have a great week.  I hope to use my nook to post and update about our trip later this week.  So my next post should be from the great state of Rhode Island :)  I am looking forward to the break from things of the home :)

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