Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dollar Tree Finds!!!!!

So we are getting ready to pack for a 4 day trip to Rhode Island with a close friend and her daughter for 4 days starting this coming Sunday.  She tells me it is an 8 hour ride.  Also the hotel has an outdoor pool on the roof I think.  So I have been thinking of things we might need that I don't have before we go.  I stopped in to my local Dollar Tree and found a few things:

I found stereo headphones which i thought would be perfect for the car ride when the kids want to play their individual electronic games music or whatever for the ride so they can each listen privately to their own stuff.  (and the driver can have a little peace) they also had the over the ear headphones...but for my littles i thought the headband style would be good.  I already ordered some popsicle molds from eBay but since they have not arrived, I was anxious to try the recipe for chocolate pudding pops over at www.prudenthomemaker.com I picked up two sets of the ones pictured here.  I also found a pair of flip flops for me, which i thought would be great for putting on quickly and running back and forth in the hotel with three little ones while my friend works.  They even have a little sequin and ribbon bling....(i do like things that sparkle :)  I also found sunblock in SPF 30 I bought three bottles, no doubt that should be plenty to apply and reapply during the trip.  They are 4 Fl oz bottles. 

The other three items pictured are peel and stick Jumbo Stickers from Main Street Wall Creations.  I got one set for my son for his birthday (the dinosaurs) a set for my daughter (the flowers) and the other one is for me.  the stickers are supposed to be moveable, non damaging to walls etc. 

facebook.com/mainstreetwallcreations is the link on the back of the package.  Turns out the ones I got for the kids have stickers on each side.  Here is part of what we did with the ones for my daughter....

This is a dresser that was mine when i was a little girl.  The green paint came from a bad make over attempt a few years ago however I am not dedicated enough to figure out how to strip it off.  So we put some of the stickers on the dresser to give it a little character.  I forgot to take a before picture....sorry (just gotta use your imagination and picture it without the flowers and colored dots)  When i realized there was a double side we put a few on her wall too...(no pic yet)

Here is what I did with the one for me (it was only one sided ) 

It is over my bedroom window.  I thought it would be nice to see for inspiration to keep going each day...remembering that things can be simple and bring happiness.  As for the decals i bought for my son you will have to wait to see what he does with them, they are an addition to his birthday gift that he will not be given until next Monday when he will be 8.

I thought these items were super finds at a dollar.  I really like the wall decals.  So what amazing discoveries did you make recently?  Do you have a Dollar Tree in your area, have you ever visited to see what they have.  You never know what could be waiting :)


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    1. I love shopping at the Dollar Tree. Today we had an impromptu picnic and we stopped in to get some snacks.

      When we travel, I like to get "new" books for my kids to read. Yesterday I picked up 6 hardcover books at the thrift store for my kids for 33 cents each. Your kids might like that too.

  2. That is wonderful Alison....thanks for the tip, I have not been to a thrift store in quite a while, maybe i can get hubs to take us since it is our day off :)