Sunday, July 21, 2013

Look what is new at our house this week!!!!!

can you see them? That's right we have baby kittens.  The mom is Swirl.  She was a stray kitten my kids grandfather had wandering around his property near Christmas time last year, and my daughter and I saw her, she was the only one that would come to us when the kids went for a walk, and Pop Pop M just had to say it would make him feel so good to know it had a good home.  So we brought her home and she was a Christmas gift from Pop Pop M.  

She has always been on the smaller side and I knew she would eventually come into heat (obviously being a female,)  When I tried the first time to schedule her to get fixed though, she was of appropriate age but did not weigh enough.  So what are you gonna do.  While waiting for her to get bigger (do you remember that I have a two year old daughter) well she went through a phase of getting to the main door faster then me and would open it) and you guessed it the cat got out.  This happened a handful of times, we were concerned she could have gotten pregnant and guess what...SHE DID)  We just got back from vacation and we could finally tell that yes she was pregnant and two days later we had kittens.  The hubs revealed he does have a heart and gave up half his closet for her to lay in cause she revealed she desperately was trying to get in his closet.  That is where she nested.  Yesterday morning...we had three kittens.  It's going well so far. In eight weeks to the vet she goes.  I plan to make her appointment in the next two weeks.  :)

So this week had definitely been full of exciting new adventures.  How is your week.  Anything new at your place?  I would love to hear about it......Comment below if you would like.  Thanks for stopping by.

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