Friday, July 5, 2013

Kind of a Productive week.

I have to admit I am still struggling with all the changes.  The weather has come pretty hot so half the house is hot, I haven't gotten the new air conditioner yet, I have left two messages but no return call yet.  So the kitchen is hot and I am enjoying domestic things even less this week.

We had a few things go wrong at work this week, who needs reality tv....there is drama in a day of renting uhaul trucks....who would of thunk it.  Our personal truck also broke down while the car was still at the shop.  Thankfully it was done so the hubs towed it home for me but it doesn't have ac.....yes i know there are worse things but I am spoiled.   So when the truck broke down my daughter and I were in route to have a girls day, but since that idea was tanked I rearranged my bedroom from this....

to this

moving everything around really opened up the room, and i put almost all the things that were out of place in a place...hubs came home and really liked it. He said he was proud of me or something like that. I was happy i could please him.......I still have a few out of place things like the ladder and the lamp.  And I would like to make a faux headboard and get a new comforter that would tie the colors in the room together but i have not found anything yet.

I also sucessfully made some white bread and actually enjoyed a breakfast sandwich on it......

For the 4th we did not do anything too special, I had to work, but I have to give my son some props he was bored and he wanted things to be festive so while at work he made this and as tired and cranky as we all were from heat and morning fights how could i not hang it up.  He was so creative and used what we had out of stuff at work.  It was from his own mind and I dare not stifle his creativity.  We went home and I had to run  back to work one more time but in our travels a neighbor invited us to their cook out so we visited for a bit, The princess had a hot dog, and I had my first ear of corn on the cob for the is so my fav.  I also treated the kids to Sweet Frog.  It was good, and I will be going back.

 I have been over to the Prudent Home Maker blog at

and she has a link to a recipe for making home made yogurt and granola....that is next on my list to try and make.  I ordered a thermometer and a yard of cheesecloth from ebay because i would like to try making greek yogurt.  I also have some popsicle molds coming from ebay because I want to try her chocolate popsicle recipe too....the rest of this week has been mostly research.

I have been following also the and toying with the idea of making a schedule.  The hubs and I fought earlier this week about how I feel responsible for everything and it's alot of pressure and how i feel like he has compassion for the kids and none for me.  It didn't go well though, he just assumed i was calling him useless and lazy but I never said those things. So since all I can do is pray for him right now I thought maybe making a schedule up and attempting to follow it might help life feel less chaotic. We shall see.  

I have also still been pushing myself through my personal bible study, and having talks about God and some of the things that I am learning with the kids.  I love that my son is talking so much more to me this week.

 I will also be doing research on crockpot cooking in the next week.  Per a wonderful comment on the blog this week I really think it may be a good idea for me to consider this method of cooking, that way dinner is done when we get home.  I was at work today and discovered a link to

so I am a little excited now about trying some more new things.  We have a bbq that is being put on by our boss to attend tomorrow after work.  So I am excited about not having to cook!

To save money this week I reused a large pretzel container from Bj's to store a 5 pd bag of flour in, and for the 4th of July Walgreens offered a free 8 by 10 collage print so i made one up of my son and daughter and wrote a birthday message on it to my son from his sister..saying how glad she is that he is her that will be like her gift to him.  And it was free.  Bought a bag of apples to slice myself instead of buying pre sliced ones.  I think that is is.

How was your week?  What new adventures are you about to embark on?  What things are you researching?


  1. thank you Shelly that is so sweet of you to is always nice to have a compliment this one will keep me encouraged to keep going...thanks for stopping by and follwing along!!!!