Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What day is it?????

I love the insurance commercial with the Camel who is dying for someone to say it is humpday......and that is today!!!!!

And today was our day off.  We actually slept in until 8:45 which is rare for this house.  We then hit the roads because hubs was just dying to get out of the house.  He likes to aimlessly ride around.  We looked at some cars, he looked at some towtrucks...apparently his dream is to be able to run his own business.  We had breakfast out together as a family.  It was nice not to have to cook.  We did a little thrift shopping at our local goodwill.  And then we went shoe shopping looking for my son a pair of shoes for back to school, and ended up finding some really cute sandals for the Princess too for like 5.00.

Since we have been home, i finally made it to the store alone and picked up some catfood and we have got to find a new cat litter because wow the ammonia smell in the current box is terrible.  Anybody got a recommendation for cat litter?  Speaking of kitties....the babies are a week and a half old and seem to be doing very well.  Only one has it's eyes open.  I finally caved and let my handsome son hold one.  Hubs was not thrilled.  But here they are.....

I have deemed them the chunky monkeys ....they cannot walk yet just sort of soldier crawl.  They are still in the corner of hubs closet.   I have spent the rest of the evening just trying to focus on one area of the house....per Shelley's wonderful suggestion to focus on one thing.....I am trying to apply that to at least the house for the moment.  I am trying to clean my laundry room which is also where my pantry and cat box are.  It was going well until i hurt my foot when my little stool broke.  So that will likely continue to be my focus for another day or so.  Would you believe also that I was able to incorporate the hubs help, i asked him while he was watching his movie if he would mind either sorting his tools or folding laundry....he ended up doing both!!!! We keep the tools in a cabinet in the laundry room and he had bought a new to him tool box weeks ago that has just been sitting in the living room while tools spill out of the cabinet.

Last week on our day off we took the kids to the state fair......we let them ride ponies, and this was the Princess's first ride she rode like a pro, didn't need anyone beside her and wasn't scared......

It was a really good time, but definately not frugal (although i did score a very nice muppets sippy cup for princess and some nice ladies razors for free at a Playtex display) , we did let the kids ride one ride, the princess insisted that she wanted to ride the very big Ferris Wheel.  And I thought, it will be much fun and a little romantic because one of my first dates with my hubs when we met when I was a teenager was at the state fair and we rode the Ferris Wheel.  Well 15 years later.......i did not enjoy the ride, and neither did the hubs.  I was proud of my handsome prince for getting on because he is scared of heights, but he hid his face in his daddy's side, the princess LOVED it....she was the only one not unsettled by the rocking and swaying when we stopped at the top....she thought it was great

We topped of the night with the hubs treating us to dinner at Crabby Dicks it was his treat since he didn't get to spend the week with our son for his birthday....we went out with some great friends.

And that is what we have done recently with our days off.  We are gearing up to have one final summer adventure by camping at a local state park next week and the hubs is taking the first part of the week off with us!!!!  We are also camping with a family friend.  She was the inspiration for this adventure because she is a young adult and her parents would prefer for her not to go camping alone.  The state parks are much cheaper then private ones.  Mr. B is loaning us his camper to stay in.  Hubs says he is getting too old to sleep on the ground.  Do you have any special plans that you are getting ready for?  How do you spend your free time? 

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