Friday, August 2, 2013

My first Flying Lesson


This one is for you Shelley :)  I actually have two kitchen sinks....I started with the small one only......

I know gross right.......but in an effort to take given advice I am trying to focus on one thing at a time, and stop bouncing around because that is why I never get anything done. (hubs has said this for years)  Anyway This weeks project still has been mainly focused on the laundry room/pantry guest bathroom area.  Who knew it could take so long to organize and clean an area........I don't know if I will even finish it this week.  But in my defense I worked 10 hours today.....It was a long day.  Anyway while I was doing a little more work on this weeks project....i looked up the flylady's website and I signed up for her email feed, and I am took my first "flying" SHINY SINK 101

I followed her instructions that you can find on the link above.  I did not have comet or I did use baking soda....and I aso dont have windex so I used my vinegar spray that I would clean windows with.....and here is the finished results

The sink itself looks great right!!!! (Ignore the junk around it....I have not gotten to cleaning that yet....Hopefully I can work on that when we get back from camping.)..I hope to get the present part of the house I am working on done tomorrow night maybe...but I do have to get ready for our camping too..(how many hours are there in a day)...Anyway......that's it.....for today.....One day and one step at a time.  If I can overcome these years of chaos we have created...I know you can to....much thanks to the Fly Lady for her site!!!!!  And to my awesome followers and their comments!!!!

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