Sunday, August 11, 2013

Busy Busy week......

I will share some pics later.....right now I desperately need a shower, but I have been busy lately and not updated.  Well I went camping for an official whole week...and we packed alot into that ended up feeling really long....and I am tired and dirty now.

It was just me and the kids camping the first was pathetic....we struggled camping on our own....i tried to rig up fishing lines and it only lasted for half an hour because turns out i made a slight mistake that my husband corrected the next day....My son caught a fish and a turtle though, that was interesting.  My nephew who is 22 and lives in Florida came to visit so we spent a day with him and his dad...and we all went to a monday night baseball game.  It was $2.00 night at the ball field for admission hot dogs and even after we payed for 7 of us to get in and bought ice cream and dinner we still only spent what we normally would have spent for just the 4 of us to go. 

It rained alot too this week while we were gone, but we still got in some boat and bike rides, ate tons of smores and ice cream (no stepping on the scale for me this week i can only imagine the results....but i am aware of my poor food choices)  We had one night with a bad thunderstorm and my son got a little scared.  We also got the family dog spayed for just 20.00 this week.  I went through our local department of ag for a certificate and discovered a wonderful new vets office.  My husband camped with us two nights....A close family friend stayed 3 nights, and it was just me and the kids 2 nights.  Last night since it was raining we visited a bowling alley near the camp ground and that was alot of fun.  We also squeezed in a visit with my grandmother and my Uncle.

 Let me just say I am happy to be home.  It was a busy action packed week that has left me in need of a nap :)  I am off to clean up now.....Even though I had to pack and unpack everything it wasn't soo bad this time, i learned to do a little at a time so it did  not feel so overwhelming.  So that was my progress for the week.  I suppose tomorrow it's back to normal domestic things......What did you do this week?


  1. We went camping for the first time last month. We went with my brother and his family and they did all of the planning since I'm clueless. It was definitely fun, but lots of work and lots of dirt! However, I may try to do it on my own with my kids next summer because they loved it so much.

  2. Glad your kids enjoyed it so much Alison! We have camped before but I am just (as I am sure is obvious) very unorganized, and I didn't do well on days other adults weren't there. My kids had their melt down moments and of course wanted to do everything in one day....but over all we all had a good time. The day we rode bikes, my son looked at me all surprised and says "Mom I didn't know you could ride a bike" I just thought that was funny that he was so amazed. We camped in my "dad's" motor home....did you guys do an rv or a tent? I am spoiled I still like my water and power :)

    1. We tent camped without water or electric on our site. However both the water and the bathrooms were very close by. If I try to camp on my own with my kids, as a novice, I think I will do things much more simply than my brother did especially with the food. And, other than the rain we had, our trip was perfect.