Monday, August 12, 2013

some camping pics

I didn't really get to take that many....or at least not all of the ones I wanted.  I wanted to take some on the boat rides we took, but I had forgotten my camera and it's a bigger one and i didn't want it to get wet if we did not know what we were doing, I do not own a smart phone or a cell phone that you can take pictures.....just a really basic free one that you can just talk on (can you imagine

So the first night it was just me and the kids, and they were so anxious to do camping type activities, but I didn't really know for sure how to start a camp fire, it was too late to ride bikes, and at first I was unsure if I would be able to set up the fishing poles.  We cooked Spam over the camp fire.....It was a pathetic camp fire but it got the job done.

We were even able to make smores with it. 

The next day...daddy came, he fixed the problem I had with the fishing poles, and my son caught a turtle.

he caught it on the fishing pole, but this pic was snapped after Pop Pop Mike (who we don't get to see enough) took it off the hook.

Mr. B let us use his camper (we usually use it once a year it's his happy birthday present to my son)  and the tent is what our close family friend slept in....she could have stayed in the camper but she wanted an authentic as possible camping experience.

Over all it was a long but a good week.  Unless daddy can go the whole time from now on we will stick to just a weekend deal I think. 

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