Tuesday, August 13, 2013

what to do with Gift bags after your childs birthday party

Alot of times when you have a childs birthday party friends/family go the extra mile to buy special birthday bags or cards with special characters on them that your child really likes.  I know alot of people reuse the bags to give gifts at other parties or toss them out, but here is an alternative idea that I had after my daughters 2nd birthday last year.......

For Christmas this past year (her birthday was in November) I purchased large frame from the thrift store (i paid like 4 bucks for it) and i cleaned it up.....we cut out my daughters favorite characters from the gift bags, and i cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit the backing of the frame.  Then we took the characters we cut out and layed them out in the frame of wrapping paper...My son also picked the Minnie Mouse ribbon from a craft store and you can see it running up the sides of the frame.  We put in a couple family pictures and a sweet saying from my scrapbooking supplies and Viola!......My daughter also got some princess stickers for her birthday that I let my son and one of his friends space around the pictures so that would really get used.  This project ended up being a Christmas gift to my daughter from her brother.  It was perfect.  I used the 3M command strips to hang them.  I bought the ones that hold up to 16 pds....and for my area, they are cheaper to purchase at Michaels with one of their 40 percent off coupons...then they are at Walmart.  My daughter got a handmade one of a kind special piece of art that she will treasure for years to come!


  1. Such a clever idea! Hope you are doing well - the camping is more than I would do. The sink looks good - how are you doing? Surgery required or no?



  2. Shelley, I am well....beginning to focus a little more and actually accomplish things!!! Imagine that right? How are you? Camping is not your thing? I like it but I am going to keep it to just a weekend from now on I think. So far no surgery....It had been a week or two since I went to the doctor so I called for the results, and they want to do some more tests this coming Wednesday....If that does not reveal anything and I still have pain, we may discuss it then.