Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sharing some information....

So I am still fairly new to blogging, and I don't know how to add buttons to my blog etc, but I wanted to share with everyone something new that I discovered  over at http://www.exploringdomesticity.blogspot.com/

They do a "Tips and Tricks Tuesday: share our healthy living / fitness tips and tricks or to look for support, guidance, or inspiration from others to make this journey a little smoother"

It is where I will be looking for some new tricks and tips and probably sharing my Transformation Thursday info.....(hmmmm maybe I should change the transformation info to Tuesdays....hmmmm food for thought)

Anyway check it out....maybe you have been there and have some of your own tips and tricks to share.  

I was curious does anyone have advice for surviving the PMS week.  Or to battle against emotional eating.  I have not been good to myself today...having a hard time dealing with the passing of the cat which I believe the emotions of it are being intensified by PMS.  And to top it off I fell this morning hurt my knee, and then I broke the portable dvd player.  So I was destructive with my eating (telling myself I deserved a treat after such a tough beginning to the day etc etc) and had something I shouldn't have.  I had a small frappe chocolate chip from Mcdonalds....when I entered that into my fitness pal, that sucker has 530 calories!!!!! and I had already drank it....no give backs......So please please feel free to leave me advice......


  1. Thanks MJ! We're so happy to have you linking up with us! I also love that you're looking for advice and I hope more people use Tips and Tricks Tuesday as a place to look for advice too!

    As far as your question... Ugh! I didn't think it would be much of a problem and then last week hit! I was a madwoman looking for food, even after three fantastic weeks and nearing the end of two dietbets! It was an all-bets-are-off crazy time and nothing but junk satisfied me! Previous months I had success with substituting a lot of better snacks for the bad ones and planning to snack before I got to crazy stage. Things that worked for me were soy/almond milk first, oyster crackers for salty times, and chocolate animal crackers for chocolate times. As long as I chose things that took a while to eat, they satisfied. But... like I said, there was nothing helping me this last time!!!

    One more thing - if you see the box below the Tips and Tricks button, copy and past that code into your blog post. You have to click the tab at the top left and change it from "compose" to "html." Hope that helps!

  2. Hey MJ, just commented on your Monday post and thought I better check out today's. I know exactly what you mean about emotional eating and "the visitor" as my friend calls it. It's like it takes over your brain! The biggest thing I try to do is not have junk food in the house. You can't eat what you don't have, or if you do, make sure it small packets. I know that costs more so there goes the budget. If you still want to save money, buy the regular size snacks and divide them up in ziplock baggies especially the small, snack size ones. Hopefully then if you feel the urge you can limit yourself to one small baggy. I know with you having small kids, it's harder not to have some treats around. Sometimes you just blow it anyway, then just dust yourself off and start over again and don't look back! I kept off 40 lbs that I lost starting about 7 years ago. Now I am beginning the premenopause thing, and it's hard on the cravings too. I don't have as much willpower as I once did. But there's ups and downs. Hang in there, you will build healthy habits just like you are building a healthy budget.

  3. Kristin, i love love the link up.....again thanks for hosting to you and the other Kristin.....I will try the tip for adding buttons...and see if I can do it right....i will have to keep the crackers idea in mind....and Vicky I agree I should bag them individually that would probably be helpful for the whole household because my two year old would just eat crackers as a meal if I would let her. Thanks ladies for the tips, and congrats to each of you...Kristin for your first 5 K and Vicky wow keeping 40 pds off amazing accomplishment...I hope to join you both in those achievements one day :)