Monday, September 30, 2013

Mixing a little new with some old

So here is a piece of another room coming undone.  This is part of our kitchen.

I thought I had taken a better picture of what this spot looked like in chaos but I guess not.  But there used to be a table here in the kitchen

Well we have done lots of giving away and rearranging lately, and here is another completed piece of a space

Here is this space now.

We moved the table you could eat at into another area of the house to be revealed another time when that space is done.  We put these chairs that were just taking up space elsewhere in the house,one in each corner (I had previously considered yard saling these or giving them away but I didn't want to if we could find a place to actually use them and I have now found just that place!.)  In each chair are some things I made when i was in the Brownies (similar to girl scouts)  They are basically cushions made from vinyl table cloths stuffed with newspaper and closed with yarn.  (obviously they are pretty durable because I made them when my mom was still living, and she passed 25 years ago)   Mr. B had kept them all these years and recently gave them to me when he gave me an old doll cradle that used to be mine for my little girl.

The curtains are mismatch but that is kind of my thing I think, to not always match, and i decidedly like it, and am ok with it after all these years.  If I have a style it is not matching I guess....:)  The green lacy ones came from a friend selling them on a facebook yardsale site and the bottom ones have coffee cups across the bottom and they came from a thrift store for $2.00.  The apple and pear were ceramics painted by my mother that she had hung in her home years ago.  My mother was legally blind and unable to drive, so doing ceramics was her creative outlet.  Mr. B also gave those to me, when he built his new house, he passed on some of my mothers things he thought I would like to have.  The wreath was something I made at a play date with some ladies months and months back maybe like February or March.  I really didn't like it but my husband insisted I hang it, and it works in this space.

This particular arrangement is a glass vase given to me by a friend with a yarn accent I made because I was trying to mix it up a little  I didn't really want the vase to be blue, but a project I did to change the color was not successful.  The nativity set is something that I bought during a flash sale from a friend that sold things from AT HOME and then there is a prayer changes things sign on the table(a bday gift from my former bestie years ago).  The table was a table for our kids I had bought two years ago for our kids at christmas, but they don't use it anymore.  So i took the chairs to work, and put a piece of brown fabric i had over it.  I plan to leave the nativity out year round to remember to spend time with the Lord, in prayer etc.  Under the little table is a milk crate that i spruced up by simply tying a scarf around it.  I filled it with devotional books, and bibles so we can grab one in the morning have our coffe and pray together.  My son and I have been doing a kids devotion book in the morning. 

Any way just a glimpse into our little safe haven we are creating.  If I could do anything else to this room, i would paint it...but that is for another day!!!!

So how do you design your home?  Do you have special pieces in it that have special meaning because they came from someone special?  What is your you mis or match everything.?  I am learning it doesn't matter as long as you love it!  Design it not for others but for are the one who lives in it.


  1. The room looks lovely. Everything doesn't have to be matchy-match. It just has to make the family who lives there feel warm and comforted, and I think yours does. I like the curtains like that and you did a great job on the wreath. I'm amazed at all you are accomplishing and still working full time and taking care of young children. Keep up the great job, glad you were able to spend some fun family time with the game in your last post. Time with family is precious! Have a great day.

  2. Thank you Vicky. You like it....well that is nice to hear from an outsider I never really know if it looks good to anyone but me. Part of me is upset with myself when i was home all the time before I started working again, I must have really been wasting my time, because you are right, I seem to be accomplishing more with less time at home. It's wierd, but I can say that there has been a change in my heart and I make a real effort now. I love that you stop by and read my posts. Thank you it means alot to hear from you.

  3. Don't beat yourself over the past. For one thing you had two little ones at home, being the whole point if being a "stay at home" mom. Sometimes it's harder to keep things straight when you are home, because when you are gone there's no one there to mess it up. Also I think I remember reading that you home schooled your son for a year, and if so, that took up a lot of your time. Being a mom is never a waste of time. Clutter in our houses comes and goes, our babies are only little once. Also I wanted to add that I'm glad you got some of your mothers things. Those are always special. Hope you have a relaxing evening with your family.