Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Its Tips and Tricks Tuesday!!!

over at http://www.exploringdomesticity.blogspot.com/

check it out show the posters some love or share your own tips.  I think I am going to change my weigh in days to Tuesday starting next week so I can link up the day of the link up that Kristin and Kristin host.

I have had some unexpected time off from work due to no equipment available to rent so hubs and I have been working on the living room.  It is nice seeing him take "pride?" maybe in his home, he could see the progress being made, and since there as no work for either of us, he got up and helped work on the living room, I am happy, I made sure I thanked him bunches.

We have had to have the fire place serviced because it wouldnt stay lit, and now the plumber is here....a bunch of things suddenly stopped working properly or completely broke in the house, but thankfully it is all being take care of.  I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!!


  1. Oh girl...when it rains, it pours. It always seems if one thing tears up, then something else breaks too. But that's life, I guess. Sorry about the slowing down at work. I'm sure you're glad to have some time at home, but probably puts a dent in the budget. Its nice that your husband can help you move things around. Guys are good for something, like moving furniture...LOL. Seriously, that's great that he's getting interested in taking care of your home as well. Its contagious sometimes, he's been seeing all the great stuff you have been doing. Now you can be an encouragement to each other. I'm on fall break next week, so I'm hoping to work on the guest bathroom. You have got me in a mood to re-do some stuff around here. Have a great day!

  2. Glad we could be inspiring to you Vicky!!! You are right when it rains it feels like it pours...but one bite at a time I guess (I was once told that is how you eat an elephant...LOL). Fall break sounds nice. I hope you enjoy it! I hope the hubs and I can encourage each other. You are right it is nice to have the extra time at home, but it will put a dent in the budget. We will possibly have to review what won't be funded for the winter. I am going to work tomorrow anyway, although when I stopped by there is still no equipment to rent, but I am gonna try to get 4 hours anyway. I can at least take reservations for other shops if my boss will let me.