Friday, October 18, 2013

A Duct Tape fix

So back in September we went camping as a family, and they had a camp store that had some awesome stuff in it.  One of the sections of the camp store had a section with handbags and jewelry in it, and I went to the hubs like honey look our anniversary is coming (hint hint).  They had this really cute handbag that was covered in tiger striped material and gems etc (my friend and i have a joke that if I had a past life i must have been a mag we don't really believe in past lives it's just a joke because i like shiny things)

Anyway the bag was completely gorgeous but it had a sticker price of $50.00 and while the hubs was totally supportive and was like you should totally go back and get it....we knew the truth that 50.00 for a purse wasn't necessarily the best use of that 50.00 for us.  We already knew for our anniversary we wanted to have a nice dinner out with some friends.

So I had a thought, over the summer I had gotten some shoes off one of those facebook groups where you sell things locally...and with it came this purse but it looked like this:

The straps were broken like this on each side.  It was a gorgeous golden bag but how do you fix purse straps.  I had assumed it would just end up being something my daughter played with.  But with thoughts of the purse I had liked at the camp store, I got inspired and got some items together.

What I have here is a necklace form my jewelry box that I paid like a dollar for but decided I really didn't like it....the Goop stuff from my crafting project stash(it has a really really strong smell that lingers so if you are sensitive to smells, you might want to find a less smelly adhesive), and a plastic bracelet from my jewelry box (but i ended up not using the bracelet in this project.)  There is also some Duck Tape in a spotted leopard print that I picked up from Walmart for $3.50.  The idea to use Duck Tape for this project came from my hubby.  He was like why can't you fix the bag with some of that designer tape that I have seen kids  playing with.  I had found some tiger stripped tape, but decided that the spotted leopard print would look better.

This is what I did.  
I cut one strip of duct tape in half lengthwise, and pulled the broken straps together and taped the duct tape to the handles.  Then I cut lengths of tape in horizontal pieces and went around each handle.

I then used the goop and glued the cross from the chain onto a side of the purse.  The goop dried clear so it worked out great.  Sorry the pictures are a little glowy because of the golden color of the purse and it reflected the flash from my camera.  I recently read there is free photo editing software online so maybe I will try soon to learn how to use it.

Here is the finished project: 
So I wanted something new, but was able to fix something old and make something new out of it!!! And the total cost of the project was maybe $4.50 in materials, but I have a ton of the Duck Tape left over, I did a little handbag up for my daughter and will use some in another project for a gift for my daughters birthday coming up in three weeks.

Do you have a creative side.  In what ways do you express yourself.  Look around you house what can you do with something you already have?


  1. Thanks. I like is the purse I am using for now....everyone has really liked it and no one has even paid attention that it's duck tape...hubs says you can't even tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aren't you smart!! I would never have thought of that. Hubs is right, from the picture, you can't even tell, especially with the animal print. Way to be frugal!! (P.S. for some reason I had trouble with Tuesday's post. It seemed like something was missing and it wouldn't let me comment, on the iPad or laptop. Didn't know if anyone else had trouble or just me).

  3. I noticed the comment button was missing i think i accidentally posted in HTML or something I am trying to be able to get peoples buttons to copy and paste on my blog when I link up, but I have only been successful once, sorry about that Ms. Vicky. I made a mistake. I am still such a novice blogger :(