Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sharing ways we save on Sunday

It has been another week already and it is that time again to come together and share what we do to be good stewards of what we have been given!

*  I accepted a walmart bag full of coupons, a couple outfits for my daughter and a pair of shoes for her from an older couple we have bonded with in our church

* I made Aunti P a birthday gift from photos and frames we have picked up in previous weeks and decorated it using craft supplies I already had

*  We used tomatoes in as many ways as we could to keep what we had left in the fridge from going bad and having to throw them away...we even one day had a simple lunch of tomato sandwiches with a little salt and mayo. (we are working hard to reduce our food waste)

*  I made a sour cream coffee cake from scratch to use up sour cream (googled a recipe and got one from all I have left so it won't go bad.  It was apparently very good, it only lasted two days.

*  We had someone surprisingly offer us two twin mattresses, a lamp, and a homemade bed frame.  We accepted them, and replaced my daughters older not so supportive mattress on her bed, the other was also put in our daughters room for our son to sleep on while we have a temporary house mate.  My son was so kind and gave up his room for the gentleman.

*  Our electric bill despite needing to use the heat some this month came in at about 87.00 for the month..(my goal is to stay on budget is 100.00 or less) which is awesome because we usually are at 150 in the winter.  I turned off the computer when we were not using it, set the washer to wash in cold water every load, and used a shorter cycle on the dishwasher, and did not allow it to dry the dishes. 

*  My highlight of the week was this

We participated in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party at our church.  This is the second or third year that we have done this.  It is always so much fun.  Now we get to pray for the children that will receive the boxes along with a gospel message!!!!  And the bonus was we got to eat pizza with our church family and I did not have to cook!!!!

These are the little ones with their santa and elf hats getting ready to get their pack on!!!!

*  The last thing I can think of this week is that I made my Uncle's wedding gift using also craft materials we had on hand. 

It looks better in person.  I tried and tried to take a good photo of it.  The wreath has dark blue, off white, and light blue flowers on it with pearls and blue buttons in the middle. The fabric I used on the M and to wrap around the wreath is fabric from a housecoat that belonged to my grandmother.  (my Uncles mother who passed over 8 years ago)  I don't know if that is corny or not, but I hope the newlywed couple will like it or at least get the message of love that was in it when it was made.)

My flops for the week were, we forgot about a lunch offer we extended to someone about two weeks ago, and we had to follow through on it but thankfully my husband did a side job that paid for most of the lunch.  The rest of the week though we ate at home, I even have about a two week menu plan.

We also over spent on our Christmas budget by about $60.00.  My husband unexpectedly picked up a gift for me, and I decided to buy postage for Christmas cards and I need to unexpectedly ship a package too.  We are done shopping though.  Now we just have stuff to make. 

I hope everyone had a great week!.  I love hearing from you!


  1. You have been busy getting ready for the holidays. I've tried to buy my grocery items at the lowest prices. Of course, when you are trying to stock up, it seems like I'm spending more. I have to get in my mind, that it just means (hopefully) that I will be spending less later. I am baking for Thanksgiving. I made a carrot cake Monday for our school dinner with the parents and children. There was barely enough left to share with my husband and a couple of his employees, and my son who kept picking at the butter cream frosting as he walked by. I have made another one this morning for our dinner here at home with friends and family. I have 3 pumpkin pies in the oven. I'm also gonna make a pumpkin spice cake, fudge pie, and pecan pie. Everyone has their favorite. We got a good price on turkeys (59 cents a pound). You could only buy 2 at a time. We ended up with 6. My husband built a huge smoker last year, so periodically he smokes several different meats at a time. We eat a little bit, then portion them out in freezer bags, for future meals that I can just put them in the crockpot to reheat. He also picked up a couple of Boston Butts at a pretty good price for that purpose. He will only cook one turkey tomorrow. We will also pick up some country hams when they go on sale next month to smoke.

    We delivered a Thanksgiving box to a needy family on Sunday, so they wouldn't have to worry all week whether they were gonna have a special dinner or not. Plus they could be thawing their turkey. Another couple from our church pitched in, so with items we had both gotten on sale in the last few weeks, it was a very nice box.

    I'm trying to decorate for Christmas still, I keep getting distracted. I do an open house each year for our church and our friends. I already have a lot of the ingredients that it will take to make all my foods that I serve. Again, thanks to the sales. I am not feeling really, really frugal and its bothering me. Like you I feel like I've had some frugal flops this week, although we have been helping out a family in need for the last couple weeks. So I keep remembering that we made that commitment and I have to follow through. Our family has been tremendously blessed and I need to share those blessings with others, so I know its not a "flop" when you are helping someone that needs it. Like I said to you before, being thrifty is not always about not spending at all. The Lord will continue to bless us, I know, if we trust in Him.

    MJ, I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I also want to commend your son for giving up his room to help someone else, and you for teaching him to be willing to do that. One of my sons and his girlfriend are adopting a needy child off the angel tree to buy Christmas gifts this year instead of exchanging gifts with each other. I was so proud of him. You never really know what you've taught your children til you see them grow up and make decisions all by themselves. Have a wonderful time with your family. Wishing you many blessings.

  2. Thank you Vicky, I pray you have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving as well. You are right being a good steward isn't always about being frugal but investing wisely at times, it is wonderful that you are helping another family!!! I am not sure we would have the courage to do such. I think it is wonderful that your son and his girlfriend are adopting a child off the angel tree instead of exchanging gifts. That is so thoughtful!!!! We will probably decorate for Christmas this weekend, I honestly need to do some cleaning ....i fell off the flylady wagon i have a cold and it was my birthday today, but I am not cooking anything tomorrow so we will probably clean up the house in the morning. A local restaurant cooks Thanksgiving meals for the community, you can pay if you an or still eat if you can' that is where we are headed for a lunch. My husbands sister invited us for dinner but hubs is on call so I don't know if we can travel out to her house. All your pies sounds yummy......Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  3. You did a great job, and the unexpected always happens, but the Lord provides when you trust Him and manage your resources wisely. We did shoeboxes for the first year, and we absolutely loved doing it. I even blogged about it twice! Thanks for linking up with the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board!

  4. Thank you Tammy!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!