Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's Tips and Tricks Tuesday

exploring Domesticity

I have not linked up in over a month, but I sucked it up, and am back on the taking care of me band wagon.  I have been having some pretty serious stomach issues, so much so that I have been very discouraged and struggling a little with depression etc.  Anyway, I have made a doctors appointment to see if this is just gastritis again or something more serious.  These days so many people are ill, and I am so worried that it is something more serious.  But enough about worry......

So the last time I weighed myself was 27 days ago....here is the damage

I lost a little of the 4 pds I had gained before.  I plan to be joining up with a beachbody challenge in the upcoming weeks.  There will be more details to come soon.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday.

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