Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sharing ways we save

Happy Sunday everybody!  Today brought some unexpected challenges for our family  but we have embraced it and found some ways to deal with the situation creatively.

Anyway, this week we.....

* made homemade dog food......I have been mixing it with the kibble I bought a couple weeks ago in an effort to make it last longer.  Dog and outside cat love it!!!  (made it using things we already had in the pantry and freezer)

* I saved 26.00 using coupons and store sales at Food Lion for our groceries, I have set a goal not to have to go to the store till after Christmas, we will see how we do.

* We made homemade playdough as Christmas gifts, and gave some away as a birthday gift for a last minute party we were invited to. 

I packaged it in frosting containers using empty fruit cups, and I also used peanut butter jars and sandwich bags for the the other three packages we made that we will give away at Christmas.

* I made peanut butter blossoms from scratch
* We made 16 bags of homemade microwave popcorn to give as gifts with store purchased seasoning
* Kmart gave 4.00 in free points just for being a member in 2013 so I used it to purchase toilet paper
* A family friend treated me and my daughter to a Panera lunch and I used my birthday reward from them to get a free Cinnamon Crunch Scone that we split with our friend

*  We accepted two new kittens (4 months old) into our home ( I know not frugal) but the lady gave us absolutely everything we will need for them, it was nice quality stuff too including the litter system, a cat tower, scratching pole food and toys so no out of pocket cost any time soon and I can get them spayed inexpensively through  our states Department of Ag program.  Our son lost his cat ealier this fall, and we had said no more...but our will was weak.
*Accepted a family size griddle that another family was getting rid of.

*The best entertainment we had this week was brought to us buy our didn't last long, but we had fun while it did.....

Yep it snowed, I played in it with the kids for maybe 15 minutes...we made snowballs out of what fell and had a ton of fun and made some memories.


  1. we didn't luck out with snow here... just ice. which isn't nearly as fun.

    love the idea of homemade popcorn bags as gifts!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  2. I've never heard of making your own microwave popcorn. I'm going to have to look into that! We have a hot air popper--but for hotels or something, that would be nice! You are doing a great job! I am going to try to use my cupboard/pantry stuff in January and limit going to the store.