Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Counting your blessings and the Hump Day Blog Hop

I missed sharing ways we save this week i will just share it all later this week.  It has been a long few days with two kids taking turns being sick it has meant lots of movies, and cuddles for the past few days.  The good news in it though is we saved money by staying home.  I never realized how much my husband likes to get out of the house when he is off and we usually end up spending some kind of money or use alot of gas in the process.  We talked this weekend and we have set some big goals for summer plans that will require much frugality in order for us to be able accomplish them in addition to living every day life. It was nice to talk goals, and desires, and measures that would have to be taken to meet them, and discussing possible alternative ways to meet goals or do summer activities.

That being said, I was feeling a little down this morning, frustrated that this move has been so hard and heavy with emotions for me, and little things constantly going wrong in this apartment.  If you had asked me a year ago when I started this blog, i never though we would have moved to Florida again, i pictured myself living in the same house, but so much changed in a year.  We  live in a small two bedroom apartment now where things keep breaking.  A new ac unit was just put in here a couple weeks ago and it has stopped working again......So I was praying and complaining this morning, when I was reminded to see what I do the two beautiful babies who were sleeping in my bed, while they have been sick, it isn't life threatening, and having them is a blessing in itself, because our fertility journey was a hard one, and i am not single.  That is a much as my husband makes me angry sometimes, I am so happy that he is the father of my children, and that I am not single and dating.  So today I am looking around in the miracles at my life, instead of being grumpy about all the things I feel go wrong.  And as I finish writing this...i want to say that each of you that stop by here are a blessing to me too!!!!! 

It is Wednesday and it is time for the

The Hump Day Blog Hop


  1. Hi MJ! After reading your sweet post I scooped up my lil girl and smothered her with kisses! :)
    Sometimes life has a way of taking us down paths we never saw ourselves going down. I firmly believe that there are no chances or coincidences, everything happens for a reason, our steps are all ordered by the Lord. When I get frustrated and down I think about that and it helps me to keep going forward and deal with whatever comes up. I know there have been frustrating times with your apartment issues, but you really do handle them well. It sounds like you and family are a great team and I believe you can get through anything together. You are a good mom and a good wife and you do a great job taking care of your family, MJ!
    Looking forward to your sharing ways you save post- I always like when people post those- it helps me to realize ways that I can do more to save around my own house.
    Hope your lil munchkins feel better soon! :)

  2. thank you Dawn.....i appreciate the encouragement so much....somedays i don't feel like a good wife or mother....but you have an excellent point...we are a great team....and we can get through anything....God has definately given us that strength...thanks for the perspective!

  3. Stopped by from the "Hump Day Blog Hop"! Love your positive vibes. You are very blessed :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  4. thanks for stopping by i love the hump day blog hop!