Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sharing ways we Save

It has been two weeks since I was able to share what we have done to save.  Both of my kids have been sick...I actually had to keep my son out of school for a whole week because he had a bad bad case of strep throat, and was in so much pain and couldn't eat.....there was no way I was sending him to school like that. 

In the kitchen, we continue to make homemade tartar sauce......and we also made taco seasoning by combining spices we already had in the cupboard (been working on building that pantry)

We didn't go anywhere for two weeks.  saved a ton of gas.

I did have to take my son to an urgent care place called CareSpot, and they took great care of him and a grocery store here called Publix offers certain antibiotics for free and my sons prescribed medication was on that score for free medicine.

Later in the week I had to take my son back to the doctor and since it was a follow up for the same illness he was originally seen for, the CareSpot did not charge me for his second visit.  I did have to pay for his medication this time, but it all worked out. 

A neighbor gave me an ace bandage to re-wrap my dogs splint.  I took him to the vet for a follow up appointment and I was not charged for his first check up since his broken leg.  We missed this weeks check up because of my son's illness so can you guess where i will be for the first part of the morning tomorrow?  I am asking for the Lord's will to be done, i really hope this confinement and splint will heal his leg.  If not I guess he will have to hop a long instead.....

Said no to a door to door salesperson trying to sell me some cleaner, i get that she was probably a college student trying to make money, the cleaner was 40.00 a bottle...she is like with all this does won't this just save you so much money....she asks how much do you spend on cleaners now....i was like honestly i think your stuff is cool, but we spend just pennies on cleaners because i use mostly vinegar and baking store bought stuff anymore...and her face fell...i felt bad...but i didn't need it, and buying it would have been counterproductive to our financial goals for the summer.

My husband went for a ride on the motorcycle and saw someone setting this table out for free, he told me about it and I picked it up in the needs a really good cleaning and one chair needs a new cover on the seat pad...but that is daughter was thrilled.

I did spend a little money this week, online shopping...for mothers day the kellogg's reward program gave me a free 20.00 credit for shutterfly, so I used it to make a small 5 by 7 photo book for my husband for father's day, and i got a special fridge magnet made, i just has to pay a few bucks for shipping.

I also ordered 4 books from barnes and noble, two are for my husband for father's day, and two are for my son for his birthday in July.  I got free shipping though for spending 25.00 and I got two big things we celebrate in the summer taken care of.  I also thought of a great way to celebrate my son's birthday at home, using things we already have here, and I think he will love it!  I will share more as it comes closer to time.

The final thing I remember doing was bartering my vacuum (that i don't use since our apartment flooded we have only tile flooring in every room now) with a couple that lives in the first apartment in our building for an ice cream maker they did not use anymore...and they also asked that I share the recipe we use to make laundry detergent.  I let a different neighbor have some and she shared the smell of it with everyone and they are in love with it!

That is all I can remember.  I hope each of you had a great couple of weeks.  Let me know how you did!  I love hearing from you.

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