Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Celebration

On Sunday my princess turned 4.  We did have a little birthday celebration with my nephew and his family here at the house, and later our old neighbor from our leaky apartment came over with her kids to see my daughter too.

We started the day with breakfast at Steak N Shake (that is our favorite place, we love the burgers and put cheese on our fries, and it's one place you can go and have ice cream with your breakfast!)

We later went to church and before we left everyone sang happy birthday to the princess.  For dinner my nephew brought home three very big marketside pizza's from Walmart in different varieties and we baked those and ate them.

She openened her gifts

The gifts from her dad and I were a Tinkerbell bath set, and some lady bug dress up items (i got them off of a local facebook yard sale type site spent 5.00 total)

and she had also asked for her own lizard....both her brother and I have our own lizards and she came to me one day and said she would give up princess dresses and barbies for her own baby lizard. 

With that Minnie

(no staged pictures get water spots and  This is the item my nephew found on craigslist that I talked about a couple weeks ago.  We got the whole set up for 40.00, instead of just paying 40.00 for the animal. )  Now we are going to look into planting a garden this spring, and growing some of the foods that our lizards can eat.  Eventually of course Minnie will need a much bigger habitat, but we are looking at possibly building one ourselves. 

My baby girl also got an Anna doll (from Frozen), and la la loopsy doll,  a frozen themed pillow and cup for her birthday along with two tinkerbell books.  Her favorite item I think is the Anna doll.  She was definitely handing out big hugs and thank you's to everyone.

 We sang happy birthday and served an Oreo ice cream cake, and watched the movie Maleficent (rented from Redbox) that evening.  Over all I believe she had a really nice day. 

Did you celebrate anything special this week?

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