Friday, November 14, 2014

Life Unscripted

Today at the start of the day some of our dogs tried to follow my newphews girls to school and they were worried about the dogs getting back home so they missed the bus, so I just piled the girls and my kids in my car and dropped them off at each school.

Came home to give my daughter some breakfast, she picked out some donut holes off the cabinet in the kitchen and kool aid.  Then I thawed out a cheese bagel in the microwave and toasted it in the toaster and topped it with cheese and melted it in the microwave.

I checked financial things, my nephew came in and made some breakfast so I put a slice of cooked SPAM on my bagel...oh yum!  I also tried to look at pinterest for some in expensive gift ideas, or no cost gift ideas for Christmas, and also checked the Lowe's and Home Depot kid workshops to see what is coming up for gift or activity ideas.

My daughter had a doctor's appointment at 10:30.  It was her four year old check up.  Do you know what happens at those?  The kids get shots....and oh boy.  At first the new pediatrician did great with warming up to my daughter...they were laughing and what not.  When it came time for shots, my daughter was screaming panicking before they ever got started.  She was screaming that it hurt and oweeee when the nurse was just wiping her down with alcohol.  It was really hard for me because I ended up going over to help hold her down but to have my body close to her too like I was hugging her.....I hated it...she was screaming like it was torture....she just really didn't like it.  I hope I never have to do it again.... Maybe dad can do it next time. 

We picked up Aunti L and went to Dunkin Donuts where the princess got a "survival" sweet raspberry tea and 4 chocolate glazed donut holes.  We then had to get Mr. Cuddles, and take him back to the vet because he has not been getting any better.  The vet did agree to see him for a recheck with no office visit fee.  We got to the vet to realize they didn't open from lunch until 2 though, so we sat in the car and parking lot for an hour, but we were second on the list, so when they did open we got seen quickly.  Hopefully a stronger antibiotic will bring healing to the kitty.  My princess wanted to be cuddled and held, but I had two more errands to run.  This morning while feeding her iguana I made a mistake and forgot to take the heating lamp off the top of the cage before I lifted the lid, and busted her heating light.  Thus, I needed to go to Home Depot for a Philips Agro Gro light. Apparently these lights give off both uv light and heat.  So in the long run it's a money saver.  One bulb will do what used to have to be done with two different much more expensive bulbs.

Our last stop took us to Winn Dixie where we picked up tater tots to go with our chili dog dinner.  I also looked at some of the pasta's and bread etc that are allergen free and got prices.  All I can say is I might spring for the pasta because I don't know how to make pasta, but mama is going to learn how to make rice flour and bread that my son can eat at home.  Not paying 7.00 for not even a whole pound of bread.We have been working to cut out allergens from our meals, but we have not been able to achieve it all over night.

My husband got home early, and my nephew left with his family for a bit so we gave our kids allergy free snacks....turned on a movie for them, and locked our door to spend some time to ourselves.  

Now it is time for dinner and the rest of this day in my life is still to be written.

What did you do today.  Did you have unexpected things to deal with?


  1. So sorry for the shot. Though she was very upset, I am sure she forgot about it much quicker than you did.

    You seem to be in a much better place now. So very happy for you

  2. Things are going a little bit better. We still have house guests, but in our last big fight alot of major issues were exposed, and we will see how it continues to go. I hope you had a good week. Love reading your recipes!