Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life Unscripted

It is Thursday and by the end of the day it has been a tough emotional day I guess.  The day felt promising in the beginning, I took the kids for a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for some Munchkins as a treat, and I dropped my son off to school, and headed to the vet.  We go to a local clinic that does not take appointments, you have to wait your turn to be seen, but the prices are much more affordable then a vet that takes appointments.

We waited for maybe two hours which really wasn't that bad, I have waited longer.  When you have kids in tow though, I learned you must have snacks and drink.  I was prepared today.  (there were times when we went over the summer for the little dog's broken leg that i was unprepared.)  I only had my three year old with me though, and we survived.  We took the kitten and the little dog Chewy...he has had some issues, turns out he has a hookworm infection.  It has caused him some health issues.  Well let's hope that the treatment makes him better.  Anyway all poo has to be cleaned out of the yard every day.....the overwhelming part is with extended family there is a total of six dogs on property.  I just let my dogs out to go potty do who knows where they go.  So preventing any further infestations may prove challenging...we don't know if any other dogs have it etc.  (It would be cheaper not to have pets....i know...)  I did some reading on hookworms it's gross. 

I had to comb through my daughters hair again for head lice.  I give up just going to dry blankets and pick hair every day.....and my son came home early with a stomach ache.  We talked over some recent health issues he had at a 3:30 doctor's appt , and his bloodwork came back and the poor kid is allergic to alot....ALOT.  He has lost some isn't happy about that....and he can no longer have peanuts, wheat, corn, or soy.  There was a big list of environmental things it is time for me to do research.  We are going to start by modeling a gluten free diet....that was the doctor's suggestion.  My nine year old can only see all the stuff he can't have right now though.  I told him we would get through it and change together. That we would pray and ask God to show us things he might like. He just is upset right now, and said he doesn't want to watch other kids eat what he can' i have just asked him to help me pick out some new things to try and to keep an open mind.

At the close of my evening when i came home, my husband was upset....he has been struggling with the price of our electric, and there is a financial disagreement between us and extended family.  It turned into a fight, and my nephews wife went walking somewhere with her five kids.  I guess the two men can't reach an agreement, I have said I am not involved, that my husband needs to get this issue off his chest, because it is what burdens him the most.  I can't say exactly what details have unfolded or what the resolution will be.  My nephew feels that he pays enough each week and puts some food in the house and that should be enough, and my husband feels it is not enough.  There is just no agreeing.  I don't know what that means. 

Ah well I am off to burn some pillows in the dryer and hopefully kill any lice eggs that could be lurking.....hope you all are having a great week.  I know all of this is treatable, I just have a complex where I wish I could make everyone happy and fix everything for everyone which makes things emotionally overwhelming.....oh yeah i took care of dinner, my husband was trying to help me and it got dropped all over the ground and got dirt in it.....he wasn't happy....tough day all around is what we care going to call it.


  1. For you and your immediate family I sincerely hope that the issue with your "guests" resolves quickly.

    You need to understand and accept that you are not responsible for "fixing" everything and everybody. Take care !

  2. I agree with Anne, MJ. It is not your responsibility to fix everyone and everything. I hope your extended family realizes soon that they need to try to find a place of their own. The situation sounds like it is getting unhealthy all around and causing lots of stress.
    I feel for your son. My son has a child in his class that is allergic to a lot of things. I think his family has really adjusted well to the situation and has found a lot of foods that he can eat. It is hard for a child to be on a special diet. I know that when other children would bring in treats for the class for their birthdays, the teacher would have a stash of special things from the allergic child's mom, so he could also have a special treat of his own on the days when the class got their treat. I always felt for him so before I sent a treat in for my son's birthday I contacted the allergic child's mom and asked what he was able to have and I sent those things in for the whole class so no one was left out. Hopefully your son will adjust and find things he does like, or will learn to like. It sounds like he can still have fruits and veggies so that is a plus because there are a lot of things you can do with those.
    Good luck with everything. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

  3. thanks ladies...i think extended family is looking we are all to the point now where we simply don't agree and each of us is saying the other is unfair...lots of unhealthy yelling and words being said (i really have said alot of things definately not showing the love of the lord i guess so i admit I am guilty) But i have had enough, thanks for checking in ladies......Dawn, thanks for sharing on the allergy stuff, I am going to look up some ideas to do some stuff like that for my kid. I am sure he will be fine. In reading it looks like he can eat alot of natural fruits and what not....and meats still.

  4. MJ, check out all of the paleo recipe websites. There are tons of them with a lot of recipes and ways to make tasty alternatives to grain foods. Since they exclude beans also they generally have no soy. Soy bean oil is in just about everything. It gets a little disheartening when you read labels.

  5. thank you Anne for the tip I will do that.....