Friday, November 21, 2014

Life Unscripted-----Everyone makes mistakes!

Tonight, I just don't know what to say about life being unscripted.  I feel like I was in a bad episode of reality tv.  I say again who needs drama from reality tv, it seems to just occur naturally in my life.

We are having some water pressure issues with our rental, and chances are that my landlord may have to come out.  Problem is with extended family here that is difficult....the yard needs to be cleaned up...their tent that they moved out of needs to be taken down, and we have alot more animals on property then we are suppossed to.

  I have been working on my bedroom the past 2 to 3 weeks seemingly only making things worse. I had to clean out my kids play room so that extended family could move inside which meant i still had a few unpacked boxes from our move in August that had not been touched. Anyway as we we arranged things more got dumped in my bedroom and it was made worse.
The first pictures shows sort of how it started, but i had made a few improvements like hanging some pictures and putting my husbands banner over the bed trying to make him his own haven while we have 11 people in the house instead of the usual 4 i wanted him to feel like he had a space of his own. I also hooked up the wii in our bedroom and made my son a quiet place he could read since he now shares his bedroom with 4 other kids...including his sister.....

This morning I did make our bed and put our electric blanket on. I folded two loads of laundry and put clean clothes away.  Everything that hasn't had a home has found a way into my room. The problem is extra bodies are occupying spaces that other things may normally go. I had an issue before with cleaning too and de-cluttering so they are not the only reason for the problem if I am being honest. So far I do have two very large contractor bags to go out to be donated and lots of trash has been thrown out I am sure. 

 I do not have an end of the day picture to post to show what I got done because my husband is already in bed warming under the blanket nursing a headache.  My nephew's wife made a nice chicken dinner, and they have gone out for the evening.  My room is not quite done, but it must be 3/4 of the way motivation switch has suddenly flipped, I want to get the house clean and I want it to stay that way.  There is still alot of work to be done. If the landlord has to come out I really want him to be happy that he chose us....know what I mean?  I don't want to still be making the same mistakes I was making when I started this blog.

So in the spirit of being a real person I want to continue sharing my day with you though it will be hard.  It was a tough day in the middle of cleaning my room i was cursing and shouting feeling like I hated everything because I was trying to make some window coverings and it was just not working.  I wondered why God gave me charge to keep a home, but when I try to complete a project I feel like anything I try to create fails.  (that is another issue for a different day)  I gave up on the window coverings and hung up some blankets to the windows trying to keep the draft out (our room always feels colder then other parts of the house in the evenings which isn't a good thing in winter. )  I proceeded to ask my husband in a phone coversation if I could just buy curtains from walmart or some place like that as my Christmas gift for our room, that I am tired of trying to thrift to find just the right thing.  He seemed to agree, and my curtain rod fell down, so he promised to eventually help me find a way to make it stay.

After dinner, I needed to go let out my bestie's dog because they are away on a tini tiny family vaca in orlando.  I was excited to get a moment to myself, hubby was keeping the kids, and simply asked that I pick up some ice cream on the way home.  I was leaving and grabbed my little yorkie from the yard and took him for the ride to visit with the other dog.  I have not spent alot of time with my little buddy in a while given all the circumstances.  I was headed to Auni L's place, and I must have been lost in thought...(I WAS NOT ON MY CELL PHONE AT THE TIME!)

When i went to turn into the development where Aunti L lives, I must have been lost in thought, and I cut someone off, I didn't notice until after I had turned in and hear someone stopping abrubtly.  Now i stopped after I turned in because I really don't know exactly what happened, but I obviously cut the guy off, but no one got hurt,and I thought the vehicle kept I went on about my task.  A minute or so passes and the lights of a very large SUV are on my bumper, I turn, and the vehicle turns I decide not to go to my friend house.  I take alot of side turns to see if the vehicle is following me.....and IT at this point I am nervous, and I do find my cell phone....I call my husband to explain what happened and ask his advice....he says if you see a cop, pull up to it...etc, but either way come I try to, and the vehicle is following me.....we get to a stop light and we are finally different lanes, I still have my husband on the line in case something goes wrong he could at least call 911...A guy is knocking on my window telling me to roll it down.  It is pitch black and we are a stop light, and I know I am at fault but I refuse to roll my window down.  The guy begins to sware at me etc, telling me how I almost killed everyone etc, and I must have been on my cell phone not paying attention.  I try to tell him that is not what happened and I try to apologize, but his anger is so big he just keeps cussing me through my window.  Thankfully he got back in his SUV and went on his way.....I feel terrible...I tried to tell the guy that everyone makes mistakes...and I was sorry....but in his anger he couldn't hear me.  I take a moment as I continue from the stop light, I wonder why God made me in such a way that I feel like now matter how big my pile of "good intentions " is that I feel more like a hurricane that always leaves a path of destruction behind.  I also thank God that no one was hurt.   I ask HIM to help me be a more alert driver, because I don't know where my head was, and I pray that the other driver will be able to forgive me.  I also hope that the next time I am angry with someone that I can give them the mercy that the gentleman was unable to extend to me.  So I want to store this event in my memory bank and to try and remember not to be a screaming tyrant the next time I am involved in an unexpected incident with someone i may or may not know.

I wish I had been like Wylie Cyote from Looney Tunes and had a sign stash I could have used to say "I am sorry."

I know this was long, if you read all of it, thank you for stopping by.  I texted Aunti L about what happened, and I do accept full responsibility for the incident.  She says we should write a book about our tribulations.   The things we feel like we experience.  It's 9:32 now...we have had Frosty's from Wendy's, I have tucked all the dogs that I am able to in the shed.  My room is not quite done, but completion will have to wait until a different day.  Tomorrow my husband has the day off, who knows what it will hold.  We all make mistakes at times and need a little.........

Have a good night, I am thankful that tomorrow brings a new dawn!


  1. this will be really fast.....and i haven't ha a chance to check in on you lately due to very very many hours at work - yuck......
    then i check on you and see this.....
    you drive to the police station if this happens - i mean it did happen but if it ever happens to anyone...anyone following you - because of anger or being pervert-y or who knows to the police station.....very often now-a-days people shoot people or who knows what.... i had a semi truck driver drive me off the road and beat on my vehicle and swear and scream until some other drivers stop and i was able to get away.
    and maybe - maybe??? - the water pressure issues - the need for the landlord to come by to assist might actually be some sort of helping hand --- seeing how that may be a way to approach the extended family that maybe they need to start looking for some place else?? not my place, i know....and it was nice of her to make dinner....and i have missed some posts so maybe some things have changed since lat i read....but.....things come in mysterious ways...
    also, thanks for writing about you shouting and "hating everything" while doing your window coverings!!! made me feel not so alone....i try to do some things with the very best intentions and in a great mood in the beginning and every possible thing seems to go wrong sometimes....and i always start yelling " i hate everyone" and my husband gets so upset by it and i always tell him its just some dumb thing i say when i am so frustrated but i need to remember it isn't just some dumb thing when he hears it....but i guess knowing someone out there sometimes feels frustration makes me feels not so terrible!
    big hugs to you.
    hope there aren't too many type-os and this makes some pretty tired after work tonight!

  2. MJ it is very easy for me to tell you all the things you think are big issues are really only life's speed bumps, but mostly it is because I am looking at the stage of life you are in through my rear view mirror. I wish someone had told the younger me that the things I stressed about were trivial ( They seemed huge at the time)
    The day is over and you survived it. And you are correct, everyone makes mistakes. The key to making them is learning from them and then they are not a waste of time. Sounds like you learned a lot from the other drivers reaction. I have cut people off and been the one cut off. I have spoken ill of someone and been the one spoken ill of. If there is a human error, I have probably made it ( I'm not talking crimes or crimes of the heart here, just basic human errors) And honestly, I am probably a much better person for having erred and learned from it. ( Truthfully on occasion I had to make the same mistake several times before I learned the lesson I was supposed to learn) So whether the other driver forgives you or not, or curtains don't get made, or the house clean like you want it to be, you are learning and that is pretty much what life is all about.
    Be kind to yourself!

  3. Let me first start by thanking both of you ladies for chiming both have brought very valid and useful information to my attention.

    Luv, I thought about what you said about the police station, and I realized I wasn't sure where that is.....but I have made it a point to locate it, and know should myself or a friend ever need to know in the future where the police station is located. . I hope you can get some rest from all the work you have been doing.

    Anne, I love the way you put things saying that really these things are just bumps in the road. You are right they do feel like big things when I am walking in it. I will try to remember though that you have said they aren't as big as they feel. I have been thinking about that statement alot. After I read your post, it made me wish I could talk to my mom or my grandma about the situation. I miss them both so much. You have left me with alot to think about.