Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sharing Ways We Save

It was in like the 20's here in Florida when we woke up this morning.  So needless to say we are all freezing....We did what we could though, put animals in crates in sheds together with sheets and blankets...hung a tarp up to the chicken pen to try and block out the wind. We also wrapped pipes in towels and left faucets running at a drip. My nephew and his wife moved out of the tent and into our third play/  bedroom.  So the house is absolutely full now.

Do you do special things to prepare for winter?

I am going to share the things we did to save money over the last two weeks.  I have been lagging behind but Sunday's are our family days so I might move sharing how we save to Wednesdays.  The house is quieter when everyone is in school or working.

We noticed our neighbor had a wooden table out by his trash pile, so we went over and asked if we could have it...he said yes that he even had four chairs in his back yard to go with it.  So now instead of a borrowed card table we have a real wooden table is very nice and it was very free!!!!   (i sold our last table in our small apartment trying to make the space liveable etc.)

My nephew's wife and I went yardsaling and found a few very inexpensive items, some that we can each tuck back as Christmas gifts for our kiddos.  I think between the two of us we spent maybe 8.00.

We accepted some second hand clothing, got a little bit for everyone I think.  My husband got some turtlenecks to keep warm while working in this change of weather.  We got a few free toys and christmas decorations as well as books from a local clothes closet that was giving these things away.

The church where we go to get the bread baskets on Saturdays has a little thrift store where you pay a dollar per bag and i got a Vick's warm steam vaporizer for $1.00 along with some curtains that i am going to try to make a pair out of for my bedroom.

On facebook a lady was advertising her grooming business and was giving new clients a $10.00 special for her services, so i got my yorkie groomed for 10.00 plus tip instead of $48.00.  Aunti L took her dog too, so we carpooled to get there, and it was major savings for us both!

I shared in a Life Unscripted post that my son has alot of allergies, and the doctor perscribed him an epi pen.  Well even with insurance the co pay for the item was $141.00. My husband and I were trying to decide how to pay for it. The pen sat at the pharmacy for a couple days.  The pharmacy technician called to see if we wanted it.  I told her I wasn't sure how I was going to pay the co pay yet because it seemed very high, she suggested we contact our physician to see if they had a discount card.  The physician's office did not, however I Googled it online and found a card that you could download and it would cover $100.00 of the copay.  My son was prescribed Epi Pen Jr.  The company that makes it, Mylan had a discount card. I downloaded onto my so called smartphone, and I only paid $41.00.  I thanked the technician for the tidbit of info because I would have never thought to look for a discount card.

I also when I took my daughter in for her appointment talked to the physician about one of my son's other medications that is $75.00 each time a fill is needed, I asked her if there was a cheaper alternative, she said there could possibly be, but if the medicine is working for him that she did not want to change it.  I told her that was fine we would pay for it as needed, but she agreed the copay was high and suggested that she give me another sample, and said she could either try to give me a sample each time we needed it or at least every other time we needed it.  I was so excited.

I have learned now three things about saving on medical expenses.  It is good to see if the physician has samples for medications, as well as to be honest with the doctor about expenses to discuss if there is a less expensive alternative.  I have also learned that some offices will not charge you for a second visit both visits are about the same illness.  The last thing is to ask about prescription savings card for any medicines you might be prescribed.   It never hurts to ask!

We went out on Sunday for breakfast with my nephew and his wife, and we got our bill from 44.00 to 36.00 with coupons from the Red Plum paper that comes in the mail. 

My nephews wife also found out that there is a program called No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville, and they have a grant for spaying or neutering animals in our zip code at no cost.  Two of their dogs and one cat are getting done and I will two weeks later be taking my two male dogs that have not been done.  For me personally I am using also their free shuttle service because the drive to the locations where surgery will be done is a long drive.

I misplaced my list, the house is totally destroyed right now, but that is all I can think of.  How was your week.  Everything you do is important, whether they are big or small and go noticed or not it all adds up.

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  1. Wow- you had a FANTASTIC week with savings all around! High Five to you!!
    This week I have been staying out of the stores, except to pick up a few things as needed.
    I have also been trying to think "frugal' when it comes to Christmas gifts. We have been using up every last bite of leftovers, except for one meal that I made that turned out horrible- even the dog wouldn't eat it. :(
    Aside from all that we have been trying to add to the pile of yard sale items that we have been putting together. By spring we should have a good stock of things to sell.
    By the way, the neighbors card table was a really good save! Doesn't something like that just make you giddy! :)

  2. yes the table...a real table was so nice it was a quiet desire of my heart, and when God provided it without me voicing it I was so "giddy" lol.....if you come up with ides for frugal Christmas you should do a post....i wanted to ask you go considering guest posting here but I don't know much about it yet.or if you would want to are very resourceful. I am curious as to what you made that even the dog would not eat it......It must have been quite interesting....(sorry I am laughing but not in a make fun of you way in a imagining what was it kind of way.)Thanks for the idea about the Christmas trees if it comes down to it...that is what we will do. Because we cleaned out the play room for bodies and a bed to go in, i have a few boxes that need to be unpacked in my living area. I better get back to work.

  3. Great deal on the free table and chairs. It really does never hurt to ask! It sound like you have Christmas started well. When my kids were young they never really cared (or knew) if their gifts were new or gently loved so gently loved won almost every time.