Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sharing ways we save

* This week I got my daughter's antibiotics for free from a grocery store called Publix.  If you have one in your area they offer certain medications for free whether or not you have insurance.  Some oral antibiotics are free there, and I recently discovered that the metformin I take for diabetes will be free to fill there.

* I combined as many errands as possible to keep gas usage low.

* The household made laundry detergent (I still think our extended family is not cool with using just one to two tablespoons of it yet.)  It disappears a lot faster then it does when we use it so I assume more is being used.

* Purchased a new litter box ( I love the Tidy Cats Breeze system) and found a 7.00 off of one coupon online.  I ordered it online through Petsmart and got free shipping (saved gas didn't have to drive to pick it up, I can wait a day or two for delivery ;) )  It was also 8.00 cheaper at Petsmart then it was anywhere else.

* We participated in a trunk or treat and fall festival at a local church....costumes were made from things we already had on hand

It is hard to see but my son wore torn and tattered clothing and carried a can that read "will work 4 candy"  My photo editor seems to be down so I can't make the picture better.

My baby girl dressed up as a witch and we made the outfit from things she already had.  This was our favorite trunk because I love the sign that reads "Don't let your heart be frozen, let Jesus in."

In the kitchen I have been making homemade dumplings.  I still don't like cooking because it makes a mess and I really don't enjoy cleaning, but I am learning. 

I participated in the weekly bread basket giveaway at a local church.

I cut my son's hair....shaved his head....I found head lice in his hair after round two of an outbreak in other kids in the house.  (it's getting old.)  and because of what they are it makes you feel like you must be dirty no one wants to touch them...etc....i hope the epidemic is over........

Not related to savings......

Let me tell you where we went today.....we went back to church!!!!!!!  My husband finally gave in to the desire he had been feeling to go back, and we went.  It was so good to go back.  We attend a local Calvary Chapel.  We choose to attend this particular church because they love like Jesus, take you as you are, and they absolutely are a Bible teaching church.  We love the fellowship there.  What an answered prayer that my husband finally wanted to go back! 

That is all I can think of.  Sadly this week we had a cold front this weekend and turned the heat on for a night or two.

Grandma Joan passed away earlier this week.  A week or two ago I shared about two women in our lives fighting cancer.  Joan was Aunti L (my best friends) mother.  She did give her life to Jesus a few days before she passed, so that does bring her daughter some comfort, but the grieving process won't be easy for her as she adjusts to life without her mom and her kids to life without their grandma. 

Hope everyone had a great week!!!!


  1. You have definitely had quite a week- it certainly sounds like it had it's ups and downs. I am sorry to hear about the passing of someone dear to you- I will pray that you and her family find comfort in memories that you have and the Lord's TLC.
    You sound like you had a really frugal week! Great job all around. How awesome is the prescription deal! Your kiddos are adorable- love their costumes! How did your dumplings turn out- that sounds yummy! We have had to turn the heat up too- I have been trying to conserve the oil as much as possible, but it is inevitable that it has to kick in as the days get colder.
    And I wish I could hug you right now- I am rejoicing with you in your delight of going back to church. I can imagine how happy you must be to be in fellowship with a church you like so much.
    Love hearing about your week, MJ! :)

  2. Dawn, you are so sweet. We tried to have a frugal week. Unfortunately for the few weeks I was working and basically since my husband's brother passed, I let go of the reigns. That was so dumb of me, now we have to pay attention we are back to one income, but that is no excuse i should have been paying attention when we temporarily had two incomes. In Delaware we always had to pay for oil or propane for heating too....I remember how expensive that can be, I will pray for direction for you and of course for the Lord's provision for winter. I know you do well in keeping an eye on things at your place, and you always get wonderful deals for your family. Keep up the great work and stay warm!.....