Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life Unscripted ---- It's one of those days

When whatever undiagnosed chronic pain issue I have is flaring.  I woke up feeling like I have not slept in days even though I know I got some sleep last night.  There is pain in my legs and back feeling like I got a strenuous workout when I didn't.

When my daughter was born over 4 years ago, I underwent some excruciating tests with no definite answers.  Sometimes my episodes of pain are far and few in between or I have just learned to live with and function with some issues.  I am really just wanting to lay around today and do nothing, and of course my husband (gotta love him) would give me permission to do just that.  I want to keep the house up though, I am afraid if I don't push on I will fall behind.  Besides I am suppossed to meet a friend in an hour and a half for a donation drop.  We are both emptying our trunks of items that need to leave our homes because we not longer love or can use them.

I have taken my aleve, and I have tea boiling on the stove.  I am trying to muster up the desire and energy to get out of my pjs.  Do you ever have a zapped energy day.  What tips and trick do you have for getting motivated?

Here is to putting on foot in front of the other possibly minute by minute today I just don't know what's wrong.....some days I feel like......

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sharing Ways We Save

It's that time of week again, when I share what ever it is we have done recently to save funds.

I don't think I have been very thrifty lately.

This week we purchased new curtains for our bedroom windows from Kirkland's online store.  We ordered a six piece set  for 24.99 and were able to separate the pieces and cover three windows in the house.  I am not ready to share pictures of that yet.  I still have to hang up the curtains on my side of the room.

I received the new PINCH ME set of samples for this month in the mail.  There was a small body wash, a scented marker, as well as a dry erase marker which should work well with my chore board project once it is finished. is where I signed up for the samples at.

My nephew picked up the rest of his things from our shed and left alot of things behind that he said to trash, so I gleaned quite a few things.

- A motorcycle jacket with pads, and a pair of swim trunks for my husband
- A few tops for me
- A couple of pieces of clothing for my daughter (some pj bottoms and a couple of dresses)
- there were a couple pair of shorts that will be my son's next size so i will put those away with two nice   shirts for him
- there was also a lamp that can be used for lizards or baby we may put that to use later.
- A planter that will look nice on the porch, now to decide what to grow in it.

There are lots of other clothes that we personally cannot use, so I will either donate or possibly cut up some for rags, or at least take off the buttons and start a button jar, I am not sure.  I will have to look more carefully at what is left over this coming week.

We did make a trip to the mall, and my daughter and I love to shop the clearance rack at Claire's.  I picked up a hat and pair of earrings for $2.00 each, and also got a set of rings I will put away for my daughter's birthday or some other gift giving event for $2.00.  Their cosmetics are also buy one get one half off, and you can mix and match, so i purchased sparkly powder based eyeshadow, and a bottle of silver glitter eye liner.

We had a couple meals out this weekend and each meal had leftovers though, and I don't think I had to cook either night.  I feel guilty about this, but my husband does not, because he was off he said he didn't want me stuck in the kitchen cooking and cleaning he wanted to be out with us.

We also made home made laundry detergent. (My kids like to shred the soap)

I will also admit that I have been lusting alot for home decor.  Kirkland's is the store I am stalking and have made a couple purchases from lately.  However, I know I cannot keep buying from there.  They had this really neat sign for 8.99. (the one at Kirklands)

 I did a search though for free printables and found a very pretty one that i printed for free at home on card stock (that's right free) and it has more color then the one at the store I just need to pick up a frame (probably from the Salvation Army on Wednesday when everything is 50 percent off) here is where I found the free printable 

This sums up our week.  I usually like to post pictures to give you something to look at but I am having an uploading malfunction for some reason right now.  Every picture I have tried to upload or email to anyone is giving an error message.  I hope to get this fixed soon.  I hope you had a great week.  Let me know, I love hearing from you!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Life Unscripted- An update and a challenge

I shared my 2015 goals here

Today I began working on the part about my health.  While I have not made a commitment to lose weight, I have made a commitment to myself to start taking better care of myself. 

This involves getting a list of check ups from a few specialists.  Today I had my first appointment on that list.  I had my skin check done with a dermatologist.  I have not had a skin check in a few years.  I am supposed to have one yearly at least. (I have not had one in a few years)  I am very "moly" ( I probably spelled that wrong.)

When I was 22 I had my first experience with a dermatologist.  It was discovered that I had an irregular shaped mole with a white border growing around it during a visit to my ob.  My ob suggested I see a dermatologist.  I did, and I had two biopsies.  I did not thankfully have skin cancer however there was a presence of abnormal cells.  Thankfully they were all removed during the biopsy.  There was another one that I had to have removed down to the root to remove all the cells.  Fortunately since then, any biopsies have not been abnormal.  I did have to have two moles removed from my back today.  The results will be back in 2 weeks, and I am to report for a skin check for now every six months. 

Here is the challenge part.  I know that sometimes each of us put ourselves on the back burner because we are working to take care of our families whether inside or outside of our homes.  Sometimes life gets in the way of us looking after ourselves.  When was the last time you took a look at your skin.  You look, and for the parts you can't see find a trusted friend, your spouse, parent or doctor to look it over. Check your scalp, behind your ears, between your fingers and toes and even those extra private and sensitive parts.  See if you have any concerns.  Make an appointment to see a dermatologist or your family doctor. 

Now for me the dermatologist is not the only specialist I need to see.  I have also scheduled an appointment with an endocrinologist, a gynecologist, an ENT doctor, and a gastroenterologist.  Chances are you don't need to see this many specialists.  When was the last time you had a regular physical with your doctor just to see how you are doing.  Take time for you, make the appointment.  NO Excuses! Got small kids, ask a friend to babysit them, can't get a sitter, ( I can't always.)  pack a little activity bag for my little girl and she plays in the extra chair in the office while I get seen.

You are important, and I know sometimes co pays or deductibles can be expensive, but there are ways to cut back expenses to pay for any medical care or check up you may need. 

I hope I have not bored you to death, but take a minute because you are important and loved to look after you.  Is it time for a check up?

I was all proud of myself for taking first steps in a better direction, and then when i got home I stepped in dog poop, found out I missed my cardiologist appointment which was apparently also today (whoops)  And I googled the address for my dermatologist before I left the house, and it turns out their website needs to be updated, it lists an old address.  Thankfully the receptionist at the place I went to knew where the new office for the doctor was.  I hope your day has no lumps and bumps and is smooth and easy peasy!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sharing Ways We Save

Ok so I started this morning out so excited to share with you what a wonderful weekend we had, and I like an idiot again erased all my pictures I had to share.  I am completely bummed because we had a surprise visit from my Mr. B and Mom Mom Bella aka my parents. 

I had a great picture of them with my kids and it's gone...and they left early this morning.  The reason this picture was so special and this trip so mom Bella has been fighting cancer for a little over two years and this is the first time she has been well enough to travel.  We were so blessed they showed up on Valentine's day. I happily cleaned our room up and gave it to them for two nights while hubby and I shared the couch.  We had a great time.  They are headed out to spend some time on a cruise.

Getting to how we saved this week, on Valentine's day, I made homemade lasagna and the kids and i decorated the table and lit candles in the house to surprise the hubby when he got home from work.  We even got out the fancy glasses and had grape soda!  It was so awesome, but my pictures got erased.  I want to make special dinners a monthly event maybe with a different theme so maybe a picture will happen next time.  We decorated with things we already had with the exception of a table cloth and pink rose petals from the dollar tree.  I gave the kids each a home made decoration as a gift.  My son made great chocolate chip cookies all on his own.  I just pulled up the recipe on the computer.  He did the rest while I worked on other things.

My dad forgot to pack some casual clothes for his cruise because their plans changed last minute (originally they were not going on a cruise) so we made a trip to Walmart.  I found these beauties for half price left over from Valentine's.  Originally I think they were 8.98.  They are tulips.  Tulips were my birth mothers favorite flower but she died when I was a little girl.  These are a sweet reminder of her, and as a bonus they come back each year after you plant them.

I also found three summer shirts for my daughter on a clearance rack for 1.50 each.

Yesterday Mom Mom shared some of her special recipes with us, and we had a great meal right here at home that consisted of meatballs, chicken and dumplings, and cheesy potatoes.  She also worked with me and showed me how to crochet, but I need a ton of practice.  We have so much food left over that there will be some for dinner today!

I did shop a little this week at Kirkland's and I visited the mall with my daughter, but anything that was purchased we tried to use coupons or shop sales.  I saved 10 percent at Kirklands with their spin and win app, and signs at Claire's were by one get one half off.  I have really been working on the house, I hope to share some type of home tour soon.

Let me share also a beautiful blessing my husband received from a customer.  It was originally designed to be a birdhouse, and while i think it would be gorgeous on the front porch, my hubby says it's too pretty to put outside, so I have put a tiny little nativity I have on it to remind use we need Jesus everyday and set it up on our entertainment stand.  The guy that made this does it as a hobby, and would not take any money for it.  The particular day hubby brought it home was a bad day for me, and I sort of felt like it was the Lord's personal touch in our lives when hubby received this item.

This was our week in a nutshell.  I didn't do anything huge to save money, but the little things count too.  It was a great week. 

Oh yea my final thought is...our electric bill this month was back down to a manageable 140.00.  This is the first bill we have gotten that did not reflect usage from when my nephew and his family were here.  My goal is to get it down to $100.00.  Maybe that is no longer ideal though, perhaps the rates are just to high now.  I don't know.  I hope each of you had a great week as well.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hello to all my wonderful readers.  I want to say thank you to everyone that has checked in on me over the last couple weeks.  I wanted to take a moment to let you know we are are ok, and to share some pictures of what things look like around here lately.

We made our trip to and from Delaware safe and sound, thanks to all your wonderful tips we had lots to eat and drink on the way there...though our car suffered some minor setbacks.....

The side light fell out on I95 on the way there.  We were given some blessings from my grandmother, and my nephew was also given some items that were passed on to him from lost loved ones, which made the ride back a little more crowded and difficult....and an impatient husband trying to close my car trunk resulted in a piece of it being busted off.  I don't know who works on a SAAB where we live, so it looks like I may have to check scrap yards or ebay for a part to fix the light.  The car has some other issues too, the a.c went out a few weeks ago and the switches that operate the defrost and heat broke off inside the dash.

Since we have gotten back we have done alot of this

My daughter contracted some sort of viral illness.  The sickness presented itself the day we got back.  I waited it out a few days, then finally we took her to the doctor.  The illness really brought her down, giving her a fever and cough for many days.  I think she is finally on the mend now.

I have only been able to get little projects done lately like this....(because a sick little girl makes a clingy and needy little girl, who really just wanted mamma, so I did my best to suck it up and be there for her and put the things off that I wanted or needed to get done.)

I reclaimed my counter top and replaced a broken printer...this is sort of an island in the kitchen that is set up like a desk where we keep our computer.  I am embarrassed that it becomes a catch all.  You all have seen that I struggle with keeping my house and I have worked since I started blogging to change that.  I realized finally that if I get a part finished, I need to keep maintaining what has been finished, while I work on getting new parts of the house done.  I don't know why I did not get that before...duh right.  One of my goals this year is to find a maintenance routine that works for me.  I may be on my way to accomplishing that!

A few weeks ago, I read this post
and I loved her self created chalk board on her wall.  I feel I could use something like that as a way to feed my family a little Godly inspiration.  I have to get some chalk and pray about what scripture or inspiration should go on it, but eventually I plan to use the frames my grandmother sent back with me to make dry ease chore boards to go around it.  I hope to share the completed project soon. This is the chalk board I found at Kirkland's.  I feel a little guilty about the purchase, maybe I could have made something for less, however my husband says I don't have to make everything...

We also in a round about way discovered our previously adopted in November kitten, Mr. Cuddles, needed a companion.  We are unable to keep the one we wanted that my nephew has left here (long story...he still has not picked them up off the property but will not agree to let us keep him)  so we went to the local shelter and decided to give an older kitty a home.

We settled on the name M & M standing for Mr. Monkey.  He is estimated to be 10 and having him here has calmed my 6 month old kitten way down, and caused him to be much more affectionate.

We also purchased my best friend's van.  It has it's hiccups and is high mileage, but she took really good care of it, so we are praying we get many more miles from it.  It has heat and ac while we look to find someone who will work on the SAAB in our area.   We looked around and saw other vehicles we would have liked, but hers was one in our price range and we had some idea of what we were getting.  The only down side is insurance for two vehicles needing to be paid for now. 

That is a glimpse of what life has looked like here lately.  While we were away I read a book, or alot of it  called Beautiful in God's Eyes by Elizabeth George that has really inspired me and worked on some of the issues that remained in my heart about keeping our home. I have even decided to get my own copy off ebay.  I am waiting for it to arrive.  I have so many ideas and things I want to do that I don't know which ones to express or start working on.  I really wish I could just do it all at once, and then sometimes I have a fear of trying something new because I am afraid I will fail.  Getting all of this out and expressed, is one item off my list, and maybe I will make a physical list of all the other ideas and things that I want to work on.  I hope you all are having a great February.  Are you working on anything special?